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APA Final Check Guide

APA Final Check Guide:
1. Does all information that is not common knowledge have a citation?
2. Did you cite everything that you had in-text citations for?
3. Is your reference page in alphabetical order? Hanging indents? Spaced appropriately?
Titled References, only the R is capitalized, not in bold?
4. Do all of your sources have dates? The vast majority of the time, the date is available- be
sure to look for a copyright date at the bottom or hidden somewhere on the page.
a. All direct quotations have a signal phrase introducing the quote, not just plopped
in the work
b. All quotes of 40 or more words are in as a block quote
Note the capitalization below- the article title is in sentence caps (ex. Whatever you would
normally capitalize in a sentence) and the journal title is spelled out completely and all words
are capitalized. Notice that the volume is italicized while the issue/page number is not.