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sacred heart wellbeing 6

Wellbeing Message 6 from Claire the Counsellor
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how
to dance in the rain - Vivian Greene
I hope you have all had a good week and are enjoying watching nature around you
coming to life. There has been some news this week that we can be outdoors
more often now, not just for exercise, but to sit and relax for a while enjoying
our surroundings. I think this will be good for everyone.
I’ve put together some more wellbeing activities and pieces of information for
you to try and explore at home…
The Feather Game
Try and find a feather outside and then take it
in turns to blow it to another person. This is
really good for practising our deep breathing and
having fun with others. See if you can keep it
from landing on the ground!
Hair brushing
Taking turns to brush someone else’s hair and then having yours brushed can be
incredibly relaxing and bonding. Book a time with someone in your family to do it
as a gentle activity, get yourself sitting comfortably and enjoy the pamper.
The Blob Tree
The Blob Tree can be a helpful way for us to express how we are feeling. Look
at the Blobs and see which one you think expresses the most how you are
feeling. You could just point to them and share with someone else or print it out
and colour in the various ones you feel each day, you could even date them so
you can track your mood.
Flight/Fight/Freeze and Anxiety
It can sometimes help us to understand why our emotions can change and how it
can affect our thinking and create changes in our body. This clip explains what
anxiety can feel like and how our brains work. It can help us understand why we
can feel overwhelmed sometimes.
Laughter Yoga
How about trying laughter yoga? It can be really good for us
to laugh, it triggers a nerve in a body that makes us naturally
relaxed and releases ‘happy hormones’.
Robert Rivest is a specialist teacher who has created some fun
videos, why not try one. You may want to warn your families
first though!
The Lego Challenge
This is a great little challenge for anyone who likes Lego. Why not try ticking
off each day and see how far you get?
Parents – Your wellbeing is extremely important too!
This is a helpful booklet with ideas and tips for parents working from home (and
also those who are not) from the Charlie Waller Trust.
I hope you all have a lovely week ahead