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Physics Cheat Sheet

Physics Cheat Sheet
Equations Not on Formula Card:
Tension of 2 Objects: m1a=T-m1g (Lesser mass)
Tension of 2 Objects: m2a = m2g – T (Greater mass)
Conservation of Energy: KEi+PEi=KEf+PEf
Energy: KE = (mv^2)/2
PE = mgh
Angular Momentum: L = mvr (r=radius)
Spring Energy: (kD^2)/2
Torque: Torque = (Moment of Inertia (I)) (Angular Acceleration (α))
I = (mass x radius^2)/2
Torque: force on a fulcrum point ( T = F x distance from fulcrum)
Gravity Force: F = G(Mm/r^2) M = mass of planet and m = mass of smaller object
During a collision, momentum must be conserved
Vertical forces in Centripetal Motion act towards the center
Problem References:
Spring: 2015 Problem 3, File name: Spring
Tension w/ 2 objects: 2015 Problem 1
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Planet: File name: Planets
Torque Scales: File name: Torque Scales