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Puzzle: Crossword
The Pythagorean Theorem and Its Converse
Solve each problem. Write your answer in the crossword puzzle below. Each
numerical answer should be written in word form. (Include hyphens where
4. You are buying a new T V. The 29-in.
TV you are interested in is 20 in. high.
How many inches wide is the TV?
(Hint: a 29-in. TV measures 29 in. along
its diagonal.)
1. Give the angle classification for the triangle
with side lengths 16 cm, 63 cm, and 65 cm.
2. An artist cuts wood to make frames for her
artwork. When she is done, she has scrap
pieces that measure 11 in., 5 in., and 10 in.
6. Given ABC with coordinates A(−3, 2),
She connects these pieces at their endpoints.
B(−3, −4), and C(5, −4), what is the
Classify the triangle they make by angle.
length of AC ?
3. 25, 24, and
are a Pythagorean triple.
8. A worker needs to wash the windows of
5. Give the angle classification of the triangle
a house. In order to reach the windows
with side lengths 3 cm, 5 cm, and 7 cm.
on the second story, his 13-ft ladder
must reach 12 ft up the side of his house. 7. After finding the value of k as a
radical in simplest form, what is the
How many feet from the house should
integer inside the square root?
he place the base of the ladder?
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