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Stone Cold by Robert Swindells
How does Robert Swindells build sympathy for the homeless in his novel,
“Stone Cold”? Focus on the character of Link.
Brief account of text
Main body of essay – several paragraphs
1. Introduction
Mention the genre, title and author
Make a statement from the question –
In the novel “Stone Cold” by Robert Swindells, the author tells the tale of a
teenager who becomes homeless is the streets of London. I will examine how
he builds sympathy for the homeless in his novel, by looking at what happens
to the principal character, Link….
2. Brief account of text
In just A FEW SENTENCES Tell what happens in the story
Where and when is the story set?
Who are the main characters?
What happens to them?
How do they change by the end of the story?
3. Topic sentence
P We feel sympathy for Link when he becomes homeless because it is not his
fault. He is an innocent victim.
E Quote from when Vince fights with him and he has to leave
E This shows …..We are on Link’s side because he is thrown out of his home
where he should be safe and protected by the people who should be taking
care of him.
P Link is also a victimised by the landlord who takes the last of his money and
then evicts him. Once again we feel for Link and are angered by the injustice
E Quote from when the landlord makes him leave
E We see how Link tries to get work and somewhere to live but has no
control of what happens to him.
4. Topic sentence
Swindells Builds up a picture of the physical hardships and practicalities of
life on the streets, by showing events from Link’s point of view.
P Link has to deal with cold and hunger for the first time and has to learn
how to beg (tapping)
E Quote from when Ginger teams up with him (when they meet in the
E We see how the search for food controls their lives and that Link is not
the only one. We also are sympathetic to Ginger who is the same as Link
P Everyday things that we take for granted as our rights, are taken away
from them. E.g. washing
E Quote from when he tries to use the public washroom in the library.
E This really shows the main problem. (He is not allowed in because of how
he looks but cannot get in to do anything about it.)
It is a hopeless situation
5. Topic sentence
Homeless people are rejected by ‘normal’ society. (isolation)
P Now that Link is a homeless person he is outside society.
Look at how he is treated at the train station
Comment on how the Landlord is able to get away with his treatment
E Quote to show that how the public react to him.
E This shows he is now invisible and has no rights.
P Gail is an undercover reporter looking for a good story on the homeless.
She also uses Link. She tries to apologise at the end by giving him money
E Quote when he finds out
E Who is worse the people who ignore him or Gail who used him? Who will
protect him?
6.Topic sentence
A further way in which Swindells builds sympathy for the homeless is to look
at emotional hardships.
P Link needs Ginger as a friend so he is not alone. When Ginger goes
E Quote to show how worried and alone Link is without Ginger
E We feel Ginger’s loss with Link.
P Link still wants to feel safe and secure. At Captain Hook’s he is not alone
E Quote to show smells and sounds at Captain Hook’s
E This shows he still wants to be at home and what he is missing
7. Topic sentence
Because these people are outside society they are not protected, not safe
from people who do not understand.
P Shelter makes a show of being normal, so is able to live in this society.
He is washed and has a home
E Quote about him having a cat so people will trust him
E The reader knows about Shelter, and that no one will stop him. We want
Link to be safe from him
Refer to the question in your conclusion
How does Robert Swindells build sympathy for the homeless in his novel?
We experience homelessness through Link’s eyes; We share his fear,
discomfort, isolation and desperation because we are not outsiders
Do you feel sympathetic with Link? Do you think he deserved to be on the