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AP Writing Template

2010 Q2 官网 8 分范文
(Central idea of the passage (1-2 sentences)). During (historic background of the
speech), (speaker) (took a huge step/advanced the society by/revolutionized _____ by...)
and (wrote/writing/speaking to) (audience) about his (positive/negative/other strong
adj.) feelings on the (political issue) in which he implemented (2-3 rhetorical devices)
Religious/Logic/Common sense appeals
(Speaker) makes several religious appeals that (attack/defend) (political issue). (The
mainstream understanding of a religious belief (with quote)). (how the political issue is
against such belief). This skill serves (one major/ a dual/ several) purpose. The first of
which bonds (speaker) and (audience) under (a common God). This serves to show
(speaker) that (Audience) have a mutual religious understanding. But while the
aforementioned quote ties the two men together it also (effect of the quote). (Speaker)
chooses to (attack/encourage) (audience/target) under (the eyes of God) so that he can
(maintain a polite air while also reprimanding/be kind but harsh/effective but
understanding) (audience). (how the knowledge and understanding of the religion
elevate the social standard of the speaker)
*Switch religion to other common beliefs if using Logic/Common sense
In accordance with maintaining that previous statement, (Related statement). Speaker
continually (refers to ___ as ____/use the phrase______), (how often). This serves to
show that (the reason of the use of repetition). (elaborate the reason). (The result of the
use of the repetition). (the result if speaker did not use such repetition.) Continually
dignified/respectful/painful/other adj.) person which destroys the possible notion that
(political issue (rephrase this sentence to make it fluent)). (more reasons, optional)
(Speaker) also utilizes (emotional/sharp/adj.) diction in his argument (against/for)
(political issue). He refers to (object of reference) as (dictation example 1) and
(dictation example 2) as well as speaking of (dictation example 3). All of these words
were specifically chosen. He represents the (feeling/expectation/try use big words (ex.
Plight)) as well as depicting the (detail of the political issue). The (Adj) words are made
(personal/grand/elaborated adj) when he states that they (strongest example).
Do I really need to teach you about conclusion? Summarize your essay(optional). Point
out the significances of the effect of the rhetorical devices and the speech itself. 3-4
sentences. Even 1 sentence is ok if out of time.