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Nuclear power is economical and less harmful than non renewable sources of energy; however,
if it is improperly managed or misused imposes serious threats and harmful effects.
Admittedly to the statement, as nuclear power produces undispoisable radioactive wastes that are too difficult to
manage and harm the environment from the byproducts left after nuclear fusion or fission, it is not a long-term solution to meet our increasing energy demand. One may think that if the wastes are cleaned properly it is economical to generate power form the nuclear plant, but how hard we try the wastes from the nuclear power generation is costly for one to recycle or to manage it properly. These wastes when exposed to the environment or water resources damages the ecosystem
and habitats living there. Also, as we can produce tremendiously large amount of energy form the nuclear reaction, we want to employ it for the energy production but it always has a negative side: the threat it poses to the environment and ecosystem.
In addition to the disadvantages from the radioactive wastes, the nuclear power plants are also difficult to manage and maintain properly. We all know how the tsunami in the japan lead to the accidental damage in the powerplant releasing huge nuclear byproducts to the environment resulting the the decline in the fertilty rate or the humans, plants and animals. Moreover the accident also resulted in cancer and other detrimental diseases in living creatures. Even if we manage the plant there is always catastropies and natural disasters that are unstoppable so using the nuclear energy is always a threat. Moreover, when the nuclear reaction formula is in the hand of wrong people, they might take it for military and personal benefits. One may think of how the nucler bomb attack in Hirosima and Nagasaki resulted in the huge disaster in the second world war. If we have other better sources for the energy generation which are more eco-friendly we should we avoid the waste of money and resources for building nuclear plant.
So to avoid the wrong side of the nuclear threat it is better to use other alternative sources such as hydropower energy, solar energy and wind energy than to waste the budget and resources to build dangerous and risky nuclear power plant.