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Lesson 18-19 . Integrated skills

Husenova Ruxshona 11-6 chi 17
Lesson 18-19
Choosing materials for lessons:
In the situation A I would choose material according to such criteria. First of all I
would investigate the level of English of my students. Because as it isn’t their major
their level can be different. Then I will find out what are their goals, why do they need
English before choosing the material. Having fount out that they are interested in
receptive skills like reading and listening and vocabulary and grammar, I will design my
material through this point of view. I will choose activities with texts taken from the
literature, communicative vocabulary. I will prefer to teach listening through English
movies, as they are adults and want to improve their listening skills. While choosing
their material I would choose authentic one as it covers real life matters and can involve
them. Having made a survey I would found out that they are visual learneres and I have
decided to use pictures, presentations, realia, films in my lesson.
In situation B, I would choose much more authentic materials that covers all
language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. I wouln’t give them theoritical
and grammar books. Because they are out of their interest rage. Instead I would organize
debates, discussions and speaking classes which help to improve their communicative
skills. I would give them time to watch sitcom and casual movies with daily life and
culture. I would make them learn slang that are used in the films and teach culture
through movies. I would include culture section and real life expression in my lesson. So
that they learn not the language itself, but how to behave themselves in the foreign
culture and how to communicate there.