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Features of Cloud Computing
Security and Reliability Aware State Automaton
Extending the Focus of Security Issues into
other Subject Areas
Secured Computing Zone with 5G Technology
Technology and Computer Science go together for any field.
There are a few core subjects inside computer science that is unpredictable
in its future use like computing technologies.
You would have come across articles and official journals, talking about the
impact, applications and other exciting features of cloud computing.
Before entering deep into the challenges, let us first understand a few
characteristics of computing.
Features of Cloud Computing
The context that follows below is from the Research perspectives of the ‘Guide to Computer
Network Security’:
The cloud technology is undefinable on many aspects and is not predictable with ease
on its future scope.
The support system to building a solid cloud computing foundation includes many
proven innovations such as browsing platforms, service-oriented technologies,
virtualization, service legal agreements etc.
Cloud computing is an on-demand self-service domain that comprises of measured
servicing, flexibility, rapid elasticity.
Security and Reliability Aware
State Automaton
SRASA or Security and Reliability Aware State Automaton is a theoretical framework
that describes a general, unified model of the 2 individual entities reliability and security.
Due to the lack of a formal practise in cloud computing technologies, the SRASA
framework has likely chances to describe solutions to the issues of data privacy and
security through an orderly pattern.
SRASA is a sketch based on the idea of combining both abstract and physical machine
sates with a 22-tuple finite machine modelling platform.
Cloud computing security frameworks similar to SRASA should cover every aspect
of the computer system in a unified automated way.
Extending the Focus of Security Issues into
other Subject Areas
More than expected attention is present for the domains of blockchain technology, smart grid,
crypto-currencies and internet-of-things (IoT) due to their wide applications and perks.
Considering the edge of a networking system, these technologies are facing limited usage at
times, due to the threat of decentralized management processes.
Validity computation and data storage are also backend challenges considering computing
Scalability enhancement
Resource management
Reliable access
Secured Computing Zone with 5G Technology
Both the central cloud and the edge cloud will comprise of a point of attachment
between the tenants and mobile subscribers.
Gives a sense of freedom for tenant governance and its subscribers as well.
Subscription services will be retained, even if the connections related to backhaul is
not available or limited in use.
From virtual networking to physical modes, every subscriber would interact and
sustain works in a trustable and safe environment.
Cloud computing is a booming industry and PhD dissertation
writing service sites and scholars should keep in mind that your
primary focus should be for security and reliability.
Note that, if you opt for writing projects through any Eng. & CS
dissertation research proposal service/help, then you should
ensure to provide the applications and benefits of your project.
Specific researches like resource computing, should include
the presence of risk confidentiality, review every uncertainty of
its use and suggest a possible solution to avoid breach issues
such as denying access and information leakage.
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