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Have you registered for Mrs India International Queen

Have you registered for Mrs
India International Queen?
Be a part of the biggest beauty pageant and get an
opportunity to change your life. Mrs India International
Queen is a beauty pageant specially organized for married
women across the world. The registration for the contest is
open now. In order to register, all you need to do is fill up the
application form and submit two photographs. There is no
swim suit round in the campaign. Once you register, you will
be auditioned and you will then go through training. You will
be trained for three days by some of the biggest names in the
Mrs India beauty contest is an opportunity for you to
change your life. You can be a part of the thriving Bollywood
industry or make an impact in the world of modeling. No
matter your age or profession, you can be a top model in no
time. The 3-day training will be held in June and the auditions
will be held across different cities in the country. The pageant
will make you poised, confident and strong. The prize for the
winner is INR 1 lac, INR 50,000 for the first runner up and
INR 25,000 for second runner up. Winners will also receive
crowns, gifts and sash.
The registration can be done online and there is a fee of INR
1,500 for the same. Take this chance and change your life in no
time! Register for the competition today! For original source