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What are some useful tips to write a
scientific literature review?
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A handy guide to writing Literature Reviews
A literature review is one of the most important parts of your research.
In the initial stage, they showcase the depth of your understanding.
They prove an important tool to narrow down strengths and
weaknesses. A literature review, therefore, has to be written in a
technical way and prescribed structure or guidelines. At times one often
gets confused on writing a review even though they possess all the
essential technical knowledge and material required for their subject of
interest. One should follow the following three steps to write a wellstructured literature review.
a. Define the scope of your research
One should make sure they have a thorough understanding of the
subject. Also, they should narrow down their research and identify their
area of study. If you do not select a particular area one might end up
with vast information and often get confused about what they should
include in their review. Also, most of the researchers look for a detailed
and specific field of the subject.
b. Carry out proper research.
There is a lot of material available widely. One should scrutinize the
material properly. Make sure you refer the latest research papers and
books. These should be of latest publications. Papers and books written
at least 3 years ago should be referred. Maintain a sheet that records
the summary as well as other details of the paper to help you in later
c. Start writing
Now that you have collected all the essential materials it is time to begin
writing your literature review. Follow some good examples that will help
you write a good review. Once you have set your target start writing and
make sure you stick to the subject. One should also make sure that they
do some writing every day. When a researcher starts writing from day
one it becomes easy to target a particular area if you do not have ample
content. This will also help avoid the last minute rush.
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