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Lesson Plan - Observation

Lesson Plan
Class - Grade -6
Date -Time – 25th of March (11:00)
Teacher – Parimala Jonnalagadda
Background for the lesson –
Talking about Daily routine, Day to day activities with reflexive verbs
To understand
Reflexive verbs:
Important reflexive verbs used to describe actions of “daily routine by yourself “
Learning La hora: Understand La hora (Time) and los dias de la semana (Days of the week) along with time
Objectives: Students will be able to understand and exchange information about their daily routine.
To learn regular activities using Normalmente, Gereralmente, aveces along with reflexive verbs using time.
Introduction: (Group time)
Interactive exercises for revising numbers, time and daily routine
Reflexive verbs for example: Levantarse Acostarse, afeitarse, limpiarse etc….
Learning Engagement:
Learning la hora (time) using Ser verb with vocabulary
Conjugation of reflexive verbs
How to phrase question and discuss the answer.
Co-teacher Support (if applicable)
Summing up:
Not applicable
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