Uploaded by Vasya Stupak


Yesterday was very hard day. I awaked and got up at seven o’clock. I made a
breakfast yourself. It were two eggs with toasts and a vegetable salad. Then at eighth
o’clock I went to my cabinet to work.
My cabinet room is in second floor of my home. I have very interesting but
difficult job. At my work I protected the project, which l created (made). It is a big
build of the police office. I tried to do very well. In this office will be three floor and
zero technical floor, special room for street- polismen, for road- transportation police
and criminality police. The experts were very solid and exacting. I’m tired very much
and corrected all my mistakes. Even I had not dinner, only light lunch at a worktime.
At the evening my friend and his wife came to us for weekend party. We made
grill meat and drank red semi sweet georgian vine called kindzmarauli. The party
went very funny. We were talking about all news, about our joint friends and of sure
about coronavirus. We went to home very late/ The hard day changed fanny night.