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Dear Program Director:
It is with great enthusiasm that I submit this letter of recommendation on
behalf of Angela Sharma. As an internal medicine specialist at the Arthritis
Center in Ardmore, OK, I have had the opportunity to see many talented
medical students over the years. Rarely do I have an opportunity to work with
a student as talented as Angela. I first met Angela when she accompanied her
mother for an appointment with me. It was obvious from the beginning that
Angela was enthusiastic about clinical medicine and very well prepared. This
is the reason I agreed to her request to shadow me immediately. She also
recently applied for a phlebotomist position at my clinic and is working here
part time. She has always had an unusual command of the basic sciences and
a genuine curiosity about clinical presentations and about patients
themselves. She exceeded expectations in her patient interactions and
continues to be requested by my patients till date.
Angela works well as part of a learning team in the clinic. She
has the exceptional talent of facilitating the participation of others and making
those around her function at a higher level of enthusiasm and achievement.
Her effectiveness as a clinical teacher is well documented. Her work has
always been enthusiastic, competent and thorough. She goes out of her way
to gather data from multiple sources, and interpret and present it in a way that
could be easily understood and used. She immerses himself in solving clinical
problems, and is persistent until she has found answers. Angela sees the
potential for a clinical research career combining her interest in bridging gaps
between cardiology and osteopathic medicine.
She sees a career in medicine as one where she will enjoy functioning in a
team, solving problems and benefiting those who are ill, as well as developing
clinical applications for her research.
In summary, Ms. Angela Sharma is not only very bright, but she is hard
working. She is totally reliable and dependable. She is well liked by patients,
their families, colleagues and staff. Angela is an individual who makes
those around her better with her positivity and uplifting presence. There has
never been a day when she is found to be without a smile and willingness to
learn. In my 36 years of practicing medicine Angela Sharma is one of top
three students I have worked with, therefore it is my pleasure to
enthusiastically endorse his candidacy for your medicine program.
Dr. Thomas Leahey, DO.