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6th grade Solar System Project Using Flipgrid

Solar System Project Using Flipgrid
You will be using the internet to research the following information about your planet. Take notes as you
This project will count as two science assignments.
Once you have found all needed information, you will organize your thoughts and notes into a presentation.
You do not have to write a formal paper about your object. Using Flipgrid you will record a “speech” or
presentation. Be creative, have fun, maybe make signs, show your model, speak clearly and loudly so you can
be understood.
Some tips when recording your presentation:
- Pay attention to lighting - you must be seen!
- Pay attention to your volume level and clarity of speech - you must be heard!
- Watch your recording before submitting. You can edit, add text and do a second retake as needed.
- Share your drawing of your planet at some point during your presentation.
Grading Rubric and Presentation Requirements Required information about your planet to be shared in the presentation: Each item is worth 8 points.
Name of planet
Mass of planet compared to Earth - (ex. “My planet is 3 times heavier than Earth”...)
Size/Diameter of planet compared to Earth
Surface features - ex. rocky, gaseous, land and water...what is the planet mainly composed of?
Number of moons
Does it have an atmosphere? What gases make up the atmosphere?
Location in our Solar System in relation to the Sun - (ex. Earth is the third planet from the Sun)
How long is a rotation of your planet on its axis? This would be the length of a DAY on your planet
How long is a revolution around the Sun? This would be the length of a YEAR on your planet.
Create a model/drawing of your planet to show during your presentation.
Before you make your recording - double check the list above to make sure you have all the needed
After you make your recording - watch it and triple check that you didn’t leave any information out of the
The grading rubric for the presentation is below along with the planet assignments for the project.
FLIPGRID: presentational speaking rubric​ - Planets
Set up and
My face is in the
center of the
computer screen.
My face is partially
in/on the computer
screen and lit.
My face is partially
in/on the computer
screen and lit.
I did not video myself
giving my
I have good lighting.
I am able to be heard
but did not speak
clearly or slow
Volume was poor but
words could be
figured out from
Volume was very poor
and content was not
able to be understood.
I am well prepared; no
hesitations; only
momentary glances at
I am well prepared;
slight hesitations or
minimal reading of
I am not well
prepared; hesitations
and glances at notes
are prevalent..
I did not prepare well. I
hesitate often and/or
read almost entire
Maintained eye
contact throughout
most of speech.
Good eye contact.
Minimal eye contact
I am able to be heard
Excellent and correct
Planet Assignments:
Abigail - Mercury
Jeffrey - Venus
Hannah - Neptune
Hunter - Mars
Lane - Jupiter
Joselyn - Saturn
Christian - Uranus
Colton - Neptune
Kevin - Jupiter
Savannah - Mercury
Jacob - Mars
Sadie - Neptune