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Research Skills for EE-

Research Skills
In EE Research skill is the most important tool.
While conducting a research 2 important terms should be kept in mind
Difference between data and source
There is a very fine line between data and source
Data is gathered information used for analysis in EE whereas source the thing which helps
you in gathering data.
Types of Data
➢ Primary Data:
It is collected for the
first time by the researcher it is a reliable
method which gives data of that time.
➢ Secondary Data: It is already collected
and produced by others therefore
comparatively less reliable and is of past
Ways to GatherPrimary Data
Secondary Data
➢ Surveys
➢ Government publications
➢ Observations
➢ Websites
➢ Experiments
➢ Books
➢ Questionnaire
➢ Journals
➢ Personal Interview
➢ Articles
➢ Internal records
Primary vs. Secondary Sources
Primary sources also include first-hand accounts that were documented later, such as
autobiographies, memories, and oral histories. However, the most useful primary sources are usually
considered to be those that were created closest to the time period you're researching.
examples: Surveys, observations, experiments, Questionnaires and personal interviews
secondary source of information is one that was created later by someone who did not
experience first-hand or participate in the events or conditions you're researching. For the purposes of
a historical research project, secondary sources are generally scholarly books and articles
examples: publications, websites, books, journals, articles and internal records.
Possible Subject requirement for data and
Primary sources are
- books/articles / journals such as autobiography which are first hand by the
- It may also include speeches
Secondary Sources are
version is used
- books/articles / journals which are written by some other author and analyzed
- Already analyzed speeches are further used for research
Group-3 Subjects
Primary Data- Survey which is taken by the researcher
Secondary data- is the statistical data taken by someone else used for
analysis, it could be a statically report from an NGO or government office.
Primary source- an event described of the present time by the person present at the time of
event which happened during the time of research. ( newspaper report/ article)
Secondary source: Analyzed statistical data, or a past event described by a person at
Primary Data: experiment results collected by the researcher Primary
Source: raw data taken from scientific data base
Secondary Data: Something like literature value which collected by some other person
Secondary Source: Articles and journals which are referred for analysis.