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Home energy audit

Task 7: Home energy audit
1. Home energy audit test.
How many faucets do you have
in our home?
Do any faucets drip?
❏ Yes
❏ No
Do we turn off the lights when
we leave a room?
❏ Yes
❏ No
Do we use low wattage or
fluorescent light bulbs?
❏ Yes
❏ No
How many outside doors do we
have in our home?
Do we close them when we
come in our out?
❏ Yes
❏ No
Do they shut tightly?
❏ Yes
❏ No
How many windows do we have
in our home?
Do they close tightly?
❏ Yes
❏ No
How many refrigerators/freezers
do we have in our home?
Do all doors seal tightly? (poseu
un full de paper a la porta de la
nevera, si el podeu treure
fàcilment, vol dir que no tanca bé)
❏ Yes
❏ No
What temperature is our
thermostat set? (ideal is 19-21ºC
in winter, 25º in summer)
2. Whenever you use electricity, you spend money and natural resources. Come
up with a plan to save electricity. Write it below. Your plan should include at
least four steps/tips based on your audit and the links below.
Plan for your home
Lighting (Can lights be
switched off to make use
daylight?Are any tungsten
lights present? Can they
replaced with compact
fluorescents (energy
saving bulbs)
or LEDs
? Look particularly in
store rooms, uplighters,
desk lamps etc)
systems (What is the
actual temperature in the
space? Is it lower or higher
than recommended?Do
occupants complain it is
too hot or too
Electrical equipment
(Are computers, printers,
photocopiers and
other equipment switched
off at the end of
the day?Can standby
settings be avoided?Are
fridges places next to heat
sources? They
run more efficiently when
in a cool
Water use (Is there any
evidence of water
leaks?/Are taps left
running? Are
there any dripping
taps? Do taps need
Links that you may use to write you plan:
3. After revising the plan and the energy audit. Make a warning sign/leave a note
special for your home (to save some energy!) and take a picture. This is my
I would leave this note on the fridge.
Can you see it?