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why is my hp printer in an error

HP printer in error state issues on Windows or Mac
systems arise when printer is low in paper or ink,
printer is jammed and printer cover is open or
printer is not connected properly.
Don’t worry, if you are getting failed to annihilate
this error from your HP printer. We have noted
down some desired steps at an easiest form in this
blog by which you can get solutions in your hand
once you follow them. So, don’t make yourself
degrade as we know every single query has some
specific answer but the thing only we have to do is
to put effort in finding that solution.
• Check
the connections of printer and then try
restarting the device: This is one of the easiest
methods that you can try to resolve printer error
state issues. Ensure if there is a proper connection
between your computer and printer.
Also, make sure that the connection is working
appropriately. Check whether the cable or network
you are using for making connections doesn’t have
any problem. If there is any issue, then you can try
restarting the devices. By powering off and on your
devices such as printers, routers and computers,
most problems get resolved.
Make sure there is paper loaded in a proper
manner: Before giving a print to your HP printer
makes sure you have enough paper loaded on the
paper tray. To load paper, first turn off your printer
then put some paper in the proper manner. Now,
turn on your printer again and wait for a few
minutes until your Printer gets ready.
Hardware Self-Test: In this, you try and print via
hardware self-test with your HP printer This
involves quickly opening and closing the cover of
the printer five to six times. By doing so, you will
get printed pages with lines on them. If you didn’t
get a printed page, then you will receive a message
that says why your printer can’t be identified.
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