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SMART Goals for Senior Closing Admin (003)

Taylor Vogelsong – Senior Closing Administrator
What goals will she need to accomplish in order
to qualify for a promotion to a senior closing
administrator position?
How will we know when she has reached her
Ability to:
1. Review and analyze title commitments and examine backup documents
to ensure accuracy.
2. Responsible for final review of executed closing documents.
3. Correspond with real estate administrators and management to facilitate
4. Correspond with title company to address title defects and
inconsistencies with legal descriptions; seek to cure title defects and
correct legals.
5. Review surveys to ensure accuracy against legal description; correspond
with surveyor to address concerns regarding legal descriptions, access
issues, and encumbrances.
6. Review ROFR waiver requests and respond timely and accordingly with
waiver or exercise letters.
7. Prepare and maintain letters, memos, trackers, and reports.
8. Prepare closing documents and coordinate closings.
9. Review and analyze documents, including: leases, amendments,
easements, purchase agreements, assignments, NDAs, estoppels,
closing statements, proration statements, and trust and estate
10. Review and approve vendor invoices.
11. Review and ensure documents are properly executed and in recordable
form when applicable.
12. Review and analyze public records including recorded documents,
judgements, GIS maps, property appraiser and tax collector information.
13. Scan material related to each acquisition into the property management
14. Train new Closing Administrators and other clerical support employees.
Performing as a senior closing administrator requires critical thinking and
attention to detail in order to acquire, maintain, and improve proficiency. It is an
ongoing process that requires learning new skills and applying that knowledge to
future transactions. She must understand the intricacies involved in due diligence
review, drafting legal documents, negotiating language, and closing transactions.
Success can be measured by her ability to master the specific goals with minimal
Meet with Taylor weekly to assess her progress.
Taylor Vogelsong – Senior Closing Administrator
Is achieving the goal realistic?
The goal is realistic. Taylor has been with SBA for approximately 3-years and has
excelled in her position as a closing administrator.
Why is the goal significant?
Promoting Taylor to a senior closing administrator position is significant for the
following reasons:
1. It will allow the department to maintain and improve efficiencies with
fewer team members.
2. It will help us to retain a valuable employee.
3. It will improve engagement and morale.
4. Her learning curve will be shorter than an external hire.
When will the goal be reached?
For the first 30-days, Taylor should work under direct supervision of a paralegal
and/or manager. During this time, she should demonstrate an understanding of
the responsibilities and skills of a senior closing administrator. Days 30-60,
Taylor should start working independently with paralegal and/or manager
oversight and review. She should begin to understand how to spot issues and
resolve problems. Days 60-90 she should require less oversight and demonstrate
an ability to think critically and independently review surveys and title
At the end of a six-month period, Taylor should be fully functional in the role of a
real estate senior closing administrator and she should be able to support the
team and assist with other senior closing administrator duties as required.