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Drought on the Horn of Africa

Drought on the Horn of Africa
Background Information:
The Horn of Africa has had no rain for almost two years. This has resulted in up to 12 million people being at risk
of famine, this is four times the population of the whole of Wales.
Some people have walked for over 20 days to get to refugee camps in order to get food and water.
Task 1: Watch the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yqgsy95bbg0) and answer the following questions:
a) Natural: Can you describe what the place is like?
b) What is different to where you live?
c) Social: What do you think it is like for the people who live here?
Task 2: Drought Survival Kit
You work for the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon (the General Secretary) has asked you to create a drought survival
pack for families in East African refugee camps. In pairs you have £1000 to spend on equipment, chose wisely
people’s lives depend on you!
Mosquito Nets
Clean Water for 1 Week
Sleeping Mats for Family
Warm Clothes
Cooking Stove
Laptop Computer
Food for 1 Week
Fuel for Cooking Stove
Lady GaGa CD
Bear Grylls Survival Book
Pots and Pans
Medical Equipment
GHD Hair Straighteners
(a) Write down what equipment you would include and calculate the cost (Tip: remember it needs to cost
less than £1000).
(b) In your opinion what is the most important piece of equipment and why?