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The Black Crow was very different than anywhere else. I was instantly drawn to the
sketchbooks containing dozens of drawings people started and others continued. This
collaboration was indicative of those not afraid to speak their minds or of artistically connecting
with others. The other patrons were the most non-judgemental people I have ever encountered,
so easy to talk to. As I continued to take in my surroundings, I realized how many people in the
world are blinded by the idea of validation. Many of my friends (myself included) were
constantly striving to fit a cookie-cutter mold of something that is actually non-existent. At Black
Crow, people were just being themselves, willing to connect with others regardless of perceived
dissimilarities. On my way home, my brain sought to process feelings of being surrounded by
things so foreign, including my new friend Anastasia. I found that I truly did enjoy my time
surrounded by other creative people.
As time went on, I drifted away from my my previous group of friends and became more
involved with the other students in my AP Art class. Our bond was forged over experiences like
roller skating, visiting obscure diners and coffee shops, finding new spaces to sketch and
discover, and simply enjoying both our similarities and differences. They are not concerned with
conformity, but rather with pursuing their true interests, whether it be studying literature in New
York, or opening a gallery showcasing local artists. I could not have predicted how much my
decision to take an AP Art class would affect my reality. It set me on the path of self-realization
and awareness, revealing my love of creating and of materializing my inner thoughts. This
choice and the manifestation of my own artistic abilities and interests has led me to pursue a
future in which art will always be present.