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Chapter 4 Listening Review -To Rembember questions

Communication Applications 4 5
Chapter 4: Listening Worksheet
Directions: Answer the Following based on your reading and viewing of the chapter notes.
1. What is the difference between hearing and Listening?
2. What are the four basic listening Styles?
3. What are three reasons why listening is difficult?
4. Name the seven deadly habits of bad listening?
5. What should your listening strategy be when you feel strongly moved by what s speaker
6. What does a good listener look like? In order words, what is the right posture and bearing
for a person who wants to listen well?
7. At what point in a formal speech is it important to listen most intently?
8. Of what value are the simple nods and “uh-huhs” that listeners give speakers?
9. Give an example of a situation where paraphrasing would be useful. Do the same for