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Our needs V1

Our needs
Your mother asks for your choice of breakfast. She says, “What do you want for
breakfast – idli or Dosas?”. While the beggar on the street says, I need SOME food to
eat. I’m terribly hungry.”
Now let’s think. What do you think is the difference between the two situations? Let’s
What do you think we require as essentials for survival?
A need is something that is necessary. The most important needs are food, clothes and
shelter. It is not possible for us to live without these things.
We depend on others to get the things that we need. Your parents provide you with
things with food, clothing, toiletries and so on that you need. We need to get educated
and your parents support you for your education. What do they do?
Mother feeds her baby
Helps in studies
Picks son from school
The above are a few examples for you to understand the way your parents help you.
Think and list few more examples in your classwork
Other people also help to give you these things. Example, many people help to give you
the chapattis that you eat.
Before you get a chapatti, you need the help of the person who cooks it?
But where does she buy the ingredients from? _______________________
And who grinds and packs for him? _______________________________
Who grows the wheat to grind? ____________________.
There are other people who help to transport the wheat to the mill and the flour to the
Observe the flow chart given below to understand the method in which a chapathi
reaches you.
We cannot live without basic needs.
Wants are things that we like but are not essential. Example, ice creams, cakes, i-pads,
burgers etc. When we eat food to please our tongue and feel satisfied, it’s called a want.
This way we may soon fall ill. We may want them but we do not need them. But when
you eat to keep healthy and stay fit, that’s a need.
The government looks after some needs of ours. How?
Your parents provide food, clothes and a house for you. You need other things too, like
roads so that you can go to other places. Which road you will prefer? A kacha road or a
pacca one?
Pacca Road
Katcha Road
The government builds most roads in our country.
We also need transporting vehicles. Train and bus services, which many Indians use,
are provided by the government.
The government also looks after water supply for the people. The treatment plant
purifies water. The pipes are laid under the ground to bring the purified water to your
Many people work to provide these things we need. Let’s fill this table.
Let’s record our learning:
a) Write the difference between needs and wants? Give 2 examples for each.
b) Which are our most important needs?
c) Draw a flowchart to explain the method in which you get your rice.
d) Does your parent take care of all your needs?
New words:
1. Provide: give
2. Mill – a kind of factory
3. Depend - rely on someone
Fill in the blanks:
1. The ________________ also looks after water supply for the people.
2. The _________________ _______________ purifies water before it reaches
3. We cannot live without ______________ needs.
4. ______________, ______________________ , ______________are classified
as essentials for survival.
5. Train and bus services, which many Indians use, are provided by the
Write how a lays chips reaches you in the form of a chain.
Talk to a nearby shopkeeper and find out –
1. Who are the people upon who he depends on to supply your daily needs.
Record your findings. _______________________________________