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Instruments of the orchestra week 1 worksheet

Instruments of the Orchestra
Worksheet Week 1 – please edit and submit this worksheet back
on your Google Classroom assignment.
Task 1
Listen/watch the video of ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ - as you listen to the music, make a
list of all the instruments you think you can already identify by seeing/hearing
them. You can watch the video as many times as you would like.
Revision Question…
Give an explanation of what a Character Motif is? (type answer below)
Task 2
Fill in the template below of where each instrument in the orchestra should sit.
Tip - Insert textboxes over each space you want to write on
Watch the video again, this time paying attention to where the
instruments/families are sitting
The String Family
Task: Watch the ‘Strings Teacher Explanation’ video, which you
can find on the assignment post, for further information
Task 3
Can you name the following instruments? Type your answer in the boxes below
the pictures
The String Family
Task 4
Without looking back on the information in the slides, try to answer the
following questions. (type your answers under the questions)
1. Name the lowest member of the string family?
2. Name one member of the string family with 4 strings?
3. Name the member of the string family which can only play pizzicato?
4. Name the string instrument that you have to play sitting down?
5. How many strings does a harp have?
6. What does arco mean?
7. What do the pegs at the top of the scroll do?
8. What is the bow made from?
The String Family Research Task
Task 5
• Do some research into the popular String Quartet
• Organise your findings into a Google docs bio or Google
• Your work should minimally include the following
 An explanation of what a string quartet is
 Who are the members of Escala and what instruments do they
each play? Why do the instruments they play look a bit
different to the ones we looked at earlier in the week?
 How did the group meet/become famous?
 Select one piece performed by Escala and give information on
the piece of music. E.g. when they released it and how popular
it was.
 Please also include a link to their performance of the piece.