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Growth of Black Power and its impact

Growth of Black Power and
its impact
Black Power Movement
Bellringer - April 13th
What did/does the term Black Power mean?
Don’t watch the video
yet, we will watch it
after we have
discussed our
Blacks should take more responsibility, power and control in their
own communities (e.g. set up their own businesses).
They should not rely on white to give them rights, but take control
What is the significance of this?
A rejection of the non-violent tactics of the main Civil Rights
In your
Key Ideas
what did
expect by
Why would
they want
to focus on
rather than
Who does this sound
More focus on social and economic issues (e.g.
poverty) rather than political issues (e.g. Jim Crow
Blacks should study their own history and culture
and that they should feel proud of being black.
Slogans Like "black is beautiful" formed a part of this.
Some people believed in separatism – the idea that blacks should set up their
own state without any white people.
Black Nationalism = Very different to Segregation
Why did BPM develop in 1960’s?
Many blacks felt that the pace of change was too slow.
Why would things be moving too
Young blacks in particular were frustrated that things were not changing fast enough. •
Even though Martin Luther King‘s campaigns had achieved some great
things, most blacks still faced poverty, discrimination and racism as part of
their everyday lives.
Why do you think that it was young
blacks? How can this relate to
modern day times?
Why did BPM develop in 1960’s?
Many in the north saw King as irrelevant – he had focused on ending
segregation, but there had never been any segregation in the northern states.
Where was King focusing his
The issues there were different – e.g. poverty in the slums of the major cities.
Many grew frustrated with the non-violent campaigns. They felt it was
humiliating black people and was not bringing enough change fast enough.
How would these two help
start the BPM in the 60’s?
Why would this be humiliating?
Quick Write
How is the impact of all of this on the Civil Rights Movement?
Writing Assignment
Opinion piece - have them look at what is more important - passing/changing
the laws or fixing the economic issues faced by blacks. Defend your opinion.
Discussion next class - parlay?
Just a paragraph; bullet points are fine. Put in document be ready for next class.
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We will pick up on a discussion for our last class until after break.
Who was involved in the BPM?
Nation of Islam
Malcolm X
Black Panthers
Huey Newton
Bobby Searle
Stokely Carmichael
All 3 connected
Who was involved in the BPM?
The Nation of Islam - a group of black Muslims.
Complete separation
Return to Africa
Elijah Muhammad = Leader
Malcolm X-
Brilliant speaker
Encourage blacks to take responsibility
Disliked white ppl
Changes after Hajj to Mecca
Whites could actually help.
Huey Newton & Bobby Searle
Founders of the Black Panthers 1966.
Activity - Watch the video and answer the questions below in your online
Watch video - during the CIvil Rights Movement what else is going on? How does this
impact the Civil Rights Movement
VIdeo - when black panthers organization started, what was the general purpose of it?
Video - why did they choose the black panther as their icon/mascot?
the most violent reputation.
Small - <5,000
Huge publicity
But what else do we know? Read the
article, “Learn more about the Black
What do you think about them?
What as the 10 Point Program
(What was it, and what were the
Why were Black Panthers so publicized?
Because of the way they looked, their ideas and their use of violence.
They wore black berets, black leather jackets, sunglasses, etc and they carried guns. They
used armed patrols to protect black people from police brutality.
Why were Black Panthers so publicized?
1968 Olympics
Not only the way they looked but who they had join them.
Two major athletes in the Olympics gave the Black
Power Salute during national anthem.
Why would this be such a big deal to the CRM?
Can we see this in modern times? Where?
Stokely Carmichael
Stokely Carmichael – probably the first person to use the phrase "Black
Power" and leader of the SNCC, which started off as a non-violent group, but
later became more radical