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Macbeth: Bloody Men, Bloody World

Lesson 2: Bloody
Due at 6 pm on March 18 for Period 3 (Even though the assignment is open until later, your work is due
at 6 pm.)
Due at 6 pm on March 19 for Periods 2, 6, & 8 (Even though the assignment is open until later, your
work is due at 6 pm.)
"Except they meant to bathe in reeking wounds/Or memorize another Golgotha" (1.2.43)
Write a well-organized paragraph to argue the following question. Based on Act I, scene 2, is
being seen as 'bloody' a positive or negative thing in Macbeth's world? Why? What are the
expectation in this world?("Being bloody" could mean to participate in war and kill, to cover in blood
during a battle, to have caused the war, to suffer from wounds, to punish certain behaviors, etc. Define
the concept in context. In addition, you MUST define what positive and negative mean in the world of
You write a well-organized paragraph (10-14 sentences)
There is a topic sentence and a concluding sentence (Try conditional statements: Ex. "When "blood"
refers to . . ., then . . ."; "It is when . . . that "bloody" means honor, which."
The paragraph is not limited to the generic terms "positive" and/or "negative; instead, the
paragraph offers clear definitions for these concepts.
There are 3 or more integrated quotes (make the quotes short)
All the evidence is accurately and appropriately cited (Ex. Wondering about Banquo and Macbeth's
intentions during the battle, the Captain tells the King of Scotland that the two warriors had fought the
war with so much fervor that it seemed like they had created "another Golgotha" (1.2.43). Notice how the
citation works: the number of the act period the number of the scene period the number of the line(s).
The meaning of the quotes is explained; that means you are analyzing them :)
The warrant (the connection between the evidence and conclusion) is present and clear
The paragraph responds to the question and offers insightful conclusions
The work is edited and proofread; no comma splices :)
~Leave a separate note about the time it takes you to complete the assignment. (Just write a separate
line, please.)