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Origin of Life Worksheet

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Origin of Life: How Life
Started on Earth
Directions: Please read through the questions before beginning the
video. There is one question you will need to answer before starting.
Please answer all questions in complete sentences. Some of the
questions have sentence starters for you, finish those sentences
with the correct information. If you do not know an answer, circle it
and come back after the video has finished.
Before you watch:
How do you think life on Earth started? Be as descriptive as possible in your answer below:
1. If we were to shorten the history of mankind into a single day, when would life on earth have
2. Our Earth was created out of the _________ and _________ present at the start of our solar
3. Volcanoes on Earth covered the surface in a black rock called:
a. Granite
b. Quartz
c. Basalt
d. Micah
4. Rocks are made of _________.
5. What is the element that you add to an iPhone to make the battery last longer?
6. How did Earth change from its “black phase” to its “gray phase”?
7. Which rock became the foundation of our continents? _________
8. How did water play an essential role in the origin of life?
Sentence starter: Water played an essential role in the origin of life by…
9. What evidence does the structure of zircon crystals provide?
10. What did Darwin theorize was the way in which life on Earth began?
11. In Dr. Miller’s experiment, the spark was to simulate lightning. What did lightning do to the gas
molecules in Earth’s early atmosphere?
12. What are the ingredients for life that were formed when lightning came in contact with the
molecules of Earth’s atmosphere?
13. Amino acids form _________, which are the key component of muscles and other tissues.
14. True or False: life can thrive without sunlight.
15. What happened when rocks and minerals were added to the test tubes of the early life
Sentence starter: When rocks and minerals were added to the test tubes of the early life
16. The extensive surface area of clay can help create more complex molecules such as_________.
17. Describe how microbes build stromatolites in the ocean:
18. True or False: Stromatolites were the first living thing on Earth.
19. How long ago can scientists find the first indication of life in the rocks from Greenland?
20. What was Earth’s atmosphere like 4 billion years ago?
21. How did Earth transition into the “red phase”?
22. Two-thirds of all minerals on our planet were created by the introduction of _________.
23. In the box below, draw how life on Earth survived the “white phase”. Please include labels and/or
a brief description in addition to your drawing.
24. More oxygen in our atmosphere allowed for...
25. Trilobite shells were made of _________ _________, the same mineral found in limestone- the
rock that built the pyramids.
26. What allowed trilobites to preserve better as fossils than other forms of life?
27. True or False: the presence of minerals has led to new life forms.
28. Bones and teeth are made of _________.
29. What allowed early organisms like sharks to grow so large?
30. In your own words, summarize this video in 3-5 sentences:
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