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American Modernist Poetry 1 Notes
Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town
• This poem is more harsh than the others and more up-front.
• The main idea is that everyone is the same, all humans die
• Time never stops
• Asks the question in life/humanity is pointless
• We are all just a “Cog in the machine” we are just a part of a whole, we have no
• We all have a constant routine and we keep that same routine for the rest of our lives
Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night
• Theme: life and death, regret
• This poem is a direct message from the narrator to his father
o Their life is ending ad they are filled with regret
• Don’t give up, seize the day (Carpe Diem) mentality
• Similar to the Light Brigade poem because they know they’ll die, but they fight
• “Rage against”= fighting, keep on fighting
• Message of dying honorably and without regrets
• Life doesn’t always go the way we plan
• Dreams can change, can be broken
• A lot of imagery
Dream Variations
• African American community wants freedom
• They dream of equality
• They find freedom in isolation
Love Calls Us to the Things of This World
• The people the author refers to could possibly be angels
• Narrator calls for the acceptance of all people
• Everyone has a good side and a dark side
o Theme: dark/light, good/bad
• The poem is about humanity and about the worth of our own lives
o What it means to be alive