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changes around us

Changes Around us
An act or process through which something becomes
Common Changes:
 Change in color- Add black and white  Grey
Change in position- Sitting on a Chair  Bed
Change in shape- Foil- triangle, mold clay
Change in size  cut paper
Change in temperature  Summer Winter, open AC
Change in state Water Ice Cube Water
Reversible Changes
The changes that can be reversed back to original form.
Melting of Chocolate
Ice turning into water
Stretching of rubber band
Melting of Butter
Irreversible Changes
The changes that can’t be reversed back to original form.
Making omelette
Conversion of milk to curd and cheese
Baking a cake
Burning Wood
Reversible Or Irreversible
Cutting of paper
Molding clay into pot
Baking clay pot
Reversible Or Irreversible
Reversible and Irreversible…
Melting of wax
Burning of wax &
IP Questions
5 Reversible changes
5 Irreversible Changes
2 Changes that are both
Fast Change
The changes that happen in seconds or minutes.
Melting of Chocolate
Slow Change
The changes that take hours or days.
Growth of a Person
Stretching of rubber band
IP Questions
5 fast changes
5 slow changes
5 fast & irreversible changes
Periodic Change
The changes that repeats itself after a fixed time interval.
Melting of Chocolate
Day and Night
Stretching of rubber band
Changes in phases of moon
Changes in Season
Non-Periodic Change
The changes that does not repeats itself after a fixed time
Volcano Eruption
Growth of a Person
Forest Fires
Why Changes Occur
Putting Pressure
Why Changes Occur
Increase in size of an object when it is heated.
Change in state of matter
Melting of Chocolate
Decrease in size of an object when it is cooled.
Freezing Orange Juice
Rim on Wheel
Heating the rim makes it
increase in size
Fixing the rim on wheel
Cold water contract the
rim and it fix
Other Examples
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