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Best Podcasts for Mental Health

10 Best Podcasts for Mental Health
Podcast are emerging fast and offering
solutions to some of the most serious
issues in life such as depression & anxiety.
Let’s review 10 best podcasts for mental
health you should listen today.
Best/Top Mental Health Podcasts:
The idea behind CalmSage was to help people who are dealing with mental
problems. In a short span of time, it has emerged as one of the most
reliable sources for mental health solutions. It talks about self-healing
processes and overall fitness to lead stress-free life.
Feel Better Live More
During the podcast sessions various important mental health issues are
discussed. Here, experts from the industry guide you deal with anxiety,
depression and other mental health issues.
The Hilarious World of Depression
It is a series of funny, moving and frank conversations with top comedians
who have dealt with mental illness. While it provides a great platform to
deal with depression, it can’t be seen as a substitute for therapy or
The Dark Place
It covers all important topics of mental illness that has been considered as
taboo in our society. It is an open non-judgmental space where people get
support to fight the problem. You can be the guest of this show if you are
open to talk about mental health and challenges you have faced.
Mentally Yours Podcast
It covers stories of celebrities and how they dealt with their mental issues.
It shares real-life stories and talks about incidences such as stress of
money, wedding issues, mental health in fiction, and other personal
mental health experiences.
Mad World
The next best mental health podcast is Mad World. This podcast is hosted
by Bryony Gordon. It talks about mental health, general health & fitness,
relationships, society & culture, personal mental issues, and more.
Happy Place
Happy Place runs a blog and mental health podcast at the same time to
pass some important message on mental well-being. It covers cooking
therapy, mind & wellbeing exercises and discusses more on mental
The podcast handles all sensitive topics very carefully while creating
environment of laugh & joy. It provides an opportunity to find reliable
solutions for all your mental health issues.
Mental Illness Happy Hours
It discusses some serious topics like sexual assault and PTSD to help
larger communities. If you are looking for reliable source to deal with
mental health issues, then Mental Illness Happy Hours is the solution.
WTF with Marc Maron
Known comedian Marc Maron has spent long time interviewing some of
the world’s most famous people including former president Barack
Obama and actor Kristen Bell. In a candid interview, the discussion go
over some serious mental health issues and how people have overcome
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