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How to Select the Right Type of V belt

Over the last decades, the V belts have been widely utilized in almost
many fields. This contributes to their natural installation processes,
thrifty budgets, and low maintenance costs.
So, when it comes to choosing the perfect V belt type for your work,
finding an exact match is a must.
They are the most common types of belts used for the transmission
of power. Almost at the same level of tension, they transfer higher
power than flat belts. Thus, they are better in terms of speed
variability, traction points, and service.
● To find the exact match, first of all, measure the top width of the belt.
● Next, measure the depth. These two parameters can then be checked from
the types of belts.
● And hence the corresponding size could be matched from a similar type.
● The second step is to identify whether the V belt is of wrapped or
notched style.
● The notched type and the wrapped type have a minute difference of a
letter X.
● So, if you figure out the belt to be of the notched type, simply add the
letter X at the end.
● The determination of the length of the V belt is a crucial step in selecting
the perfect match.
● So, besides many other methods of length determination, the Browning
Belt Rule remains the best.
● However, if you are without the rule, then you can simply perform some
calculations that are followed by a formula.
● Sheaves are an important part of V belts.
● The ability of a V belt to fit into the sheaves determines its power
driving factor.
● Hence, it is very much essential to find a V belt that perfectly fits the
Joint V belts are several single V belts joined together in
continuity. It enhances the load capacity and rigidity of the
straps in comparison to unique belts.
This is why selecting joint V belts would be a better alternative
than the single V belt.
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