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The Mentos Geyser Experiment

The Mentos Geyser Experiment
Name: _____________________
Question: Which bottle of pop will produce the highest geyser?
Background info:
The bubbles in pop are CO2 gas that was injected under pressure at the factory. When the pop is still
sealed, the bubbles stay in solution because the gas has nowhere to escape. When the bottle is opened
then the CO2 is allowed to escape and go into the air. These bubbles form because there are tiny
dimples or imperfections in the plastic where the bubbles can stick to and eventually rise to the surface.
There are other factors that affect how bubbles form, too. Can you think of some?
We are going to test 6 different types of pop to see which one produces the highest geyser. Thinking
about the factors you wrote above, write a hypothesis telling me why you think the pop you chose will
spout pop the furthest. Remember that a hypothesis is an "if" and "then" statement.
Example: If colour affects the geyser height, then the darker the colour the higher the geyser.
If _________________ affects the geyser height then _________________________________________
the higher the geyser.
Type of Pop
Diet Coke
Ginger Ale
Diet Ginger Ale
Sprite Zero
Number of Mentos Added