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Jirat Rochdarongkul
Mr.Dana Larrick
Grade 12 British Literature
23 March, 2020
Parents Versus Electronic Devices Versus the Next Generation
Do you think the accessibility of today’s electronic devices by the next generation will
affect the smartness in the future? Technologies and electronic devices are everywhere in
everyone’s hands today. The number of devices and types of digital media has increased over the
past decades and continues to grow. These days, starting from around 3 years-old, parents start
to hand their child and turn on cartoon videos to keep them calm and still. However, electronic
devices and digital media have certainly improved our lives in many ways, research has shown
that many problems can result from overexposure. There are numerous harms to children and
teenagers that can lead them to their mental and physical issues in the future. If the reasons for
parents to have their children on devices are just to entertain them or for them to concentrate,
there are other numerous ways not requiring devices for entertainment and concentration.
A research published by journalistsresorce.org says that “63% of kids in the U.S. spend
over two hours a day on recreational screen time.” In 2018, healthhub.sg proposed nine health
hazards of electronic devices for kids that were referred from most trustworthy organizations
such as the World Health Organization, Victoria State Government, and etc. When played on
devices, bad posture and muscle aches can be caused and they are long term pains.
Uncomfortable seats and poor ergonomics combined with long lazy habits can result in bone
problems. Eye strain which causes dry eyes and focusing problems. Loud lights, screen glare and
flicker, or screen contrast may make videos and games more thrilling and amusing. Little do they
know that these attractions factor can be really harmful to their eyes. Sleep issues are one effect
that devices bring up to kids and teenagers. Overuse of devices, especially close to bedtime, can
impact the sleep for children and adults. It makes it harder to fall asleep, disrupt sleep during the
night, and causes poorer quality sleep in general. These devices produce a type of blue light that
enables the brain to regard it as daytime. Especially for kids under 12 years-old, they need more
sleeping time than adults. Losing half an hour of sleep can create a negative impact in their
behavior the next day. Spending more screen time would also break the development of kids’
brains. Kids can become overstimulated from screen time without recognizing it, which leads to
increase in anxiety, irritability, and poor behavior. Research conducted by the Trinh Wong &
Faulkner G.E. proposed that “As use increases, so does the risk of mental health problems
include depression, anxiety, ADHD, mood disorders, and suicidality. Teens who use electronic
devices for more than two hours per day report significantly more mental health symptoms,
increased psychological distress, and more suicidal ideation. Children using devices for more
than 2 hours per day have increased risk of depression, and that risk rises as screen time
increases. The lowest risk is observed in children who use devices for less than 1 hour daily.
Studies have shown that children with ADHD symptoms spend more hours engaged in screen
time activities than children without ADHD. As the amount of time spent with devices increases,
so do symptoms of ADHD. These are some serious impacts that electronic devices can cause to
children and teenagers.
Of course, no parents want their kids to have mental and physical issues, they want the
best for their kids. Somehow, they also want an easy life without considering their child’s
mentality and physicality. Some issues such as back aches can be an issue to your kids for
decades without any treatment to it. Significantly, mental issues are one of the issues that parents
must worry the most. Laziness and comfortability combined with entertainment and fun, parents
chose to have their kids watching at the screen instead and enjoy their own time eating or doing
their work instead of taking care of their kids. Games are also dangerous without proper advice
from parents. Do you want your kids to play bloody, fighting, or shooting games and take it as an
example to perform it in real life? Moreover, many parents are not aware of online information
and content that promotes wrong value or products.
Well, some parents might speak out one could say that excessive mobile usage would
have short term problems. But do not worry, these children do not have to continue to live for the
problems to be long term. As they won’t develop their brains and die young, the problem will be
a short-term problem. That’s one of the unique points because scientist will not have to deal with
ADHD, cyberbullying, and decreased sleep. There would be less work for the doctor and they
will have more time to work on other patient. Additionally, teenagers can have more fun being
addicted to phones and bullying others. They can enjoy their lives as much as possible as they
only live once. Games are also fun factor they can enjoy. Playing games which is bloody and
shooting can be really satisfied for them, so they can express their emotions out. They can also
take it as example and go out to kill people just like in the games so that it will also satisfy them.
My modest proposal for the parents is that they can buy five phones per kids because by
buying five phones it will make the kid able to develop their thinking of which phone should
they use for today. If they want the phone, just get them the phone. If they want a tablet, get them
a tablet. Getting what they want will make them to listen to you even more because they will
love you more. Moreover, you don’t have to worry when they turn teenagers and go hangouts
with their friends. You don’t have to worry about them go partying or doing illegal stuff because
they will be staying at home dying away by phones. You can invest in buying more phones for
them because you don’t have to pay more money for education as they will fail it. Also, there are
several contents on the internet which children and teenagers can do self-learning at home, their
parents will not need to invest their money in education In the future, they will no longer be
called a mental illness because every child has it so it becomes normal for the world. Anything
that majority has it is not wrong! They wouldn’t be the black sheep who are the one who only
has mental and physical illness, but all of the next generation will have it! Passion and love are
significant because it encourages you to do what you love and keep doing it. Great! Children can
finally focus on them: playing phones all day and not doing anything else.