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An advantage of group decisions

The workers said that they do not need to worry about transport to
go to the plant, thanks to the company bus. On the other hand, this
brings them a problem that they do not have spaces to park, because all
the parking spaces are served for management staff only.
The brightside of the shift work aspect is that company do not
enforce working night or weekend shifts on mothers with small babies.
However, there are sometimes not enough shift rotation, which causes
many problems for the workers. As a noticeable example, the new
workers have to do all the night weekend shifts without rotating.
In terms of efficiency of council, sixty-five percent of ratepayers
claimed that staff performed the least effective in the council. To this
problem, sixty-four percent of responses supposed that it is the
consequence of too many employees the council has. With regards to
cost efficiency of services and helpfulness, response to complaints, a
large proportion of the people thought that the efficiency was fair,
which shows that low rates preferable to more services from the council.