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How do top Courier Services Operate in Dubai

How do top Courier Services
Operate in Dubai?
• All of us have availed of courier services for delivering parcels
or documents to different areas for a long time. Hence, the
courier services appear very obvious, but do you know how
they operate? So, keep reading to understand how a standard
courier service operates.
Collecting your package
• The first step that most of us are familiar with is the collection
of packages. Whenever you book a courier service in UAE,
they schedule a time to collect your package or time for you to
drop off your package to their nearest delivery outlet.
Sorting of Packages
• Once your package is dropped off to the nearest outlet, it will
be sorted based on category, and they will check whether you
have provided any extra information as such in the security of
your package. The fragile items are kept differently to prevent
any kind of mishap, and then all the packages are shipped to
the nearest depot.
Delivering the Packages to
the Depot
• From the outlet, the sorted packages are delivered to the
nearest depot, where they are packaged in and stuffed
together. Here, your parcel is sorted and combined with the
ones that are addressed to the similar or nearby areas.
Then, they are sent to another depot that lies closer to the
delivery area. And it is from here that they are declared
ready to be shipped onto the delivery address.
Assigning of Delivery
• Once the packages reach the second depot, they are assigned
to different drivers to be dropped off at the address that is
mentioned. The drivers then take your parcel from the depot
and deliver it to the recipient of the parcel on their assigned
delivery routes. These drivers are constantly tracked by the
company so that they don’t mess up the packages or the
routes. They are also instructed on how to leave the packages
with the recipients like how most of the delivery boys ask for
signatures to confirm their delivery task. Also, they are told
never to leave the package unattended at the address due to
security issues.
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