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Penn Foster offers a large pool of students and alumni who can help you decide why you should
choose us for an enlightening career path. Do not think twice before signing up to be a part of the
Penn Foster student community.
Our student portal is not like any other student portal of an educational institution. It is a world in
itself. Penn Foster student portal is like a social community for current and prospective students as
well as alumni. Through this portal, our students have a chance to meet virtually, interact, socialize,
network and engage themselves in healthy and fruitful discussions.
There are a number of benefits that the Penn Foster student community has to offer you –
Connect with Other Students
Networking is always a good idea, especially if you are at the beginning phase of your career. Penn
Foster student community presents to you an excellent way of networking and engaging with students
and alumni. You can meet a friend for a lifetime or a connection who might help you at a critical stage
of your career.
Discussion Forums
The Penn Foster student portal offers a platform to engage in healthy discussions with a large cluster
of past, current and prospective students. Such discussions help you gain knowledge and insights into
different fields and career options. This discussion forum also becomes a stage where you can expect
answers to all your education and career-related doubts.
Help in Assignments
One of the disadvantages of online education in earlier years was the inaccessible support from peers
or instructors. Well, not anymore! At the Penn Foster student portal, you can get help from our
experts as well as your peers in your assignments and studies.
Access to Blogs
Internet is the new Encyclopaedia and blogs are its pages. Through Penn Foster student portal you can
get access to numerous Penn Foster blogs that can contribute in helping you to decide and achieve
your career goals.
Access to Bookstore
Penn Foster has an online book-store with several hundred options to choose from. When you login
into its student portal, you get access to this store.
If this is not enough for you to decide to sign up for the student portal of Penn Foster, check our social
media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can also check our testimonials from our
current students and graduates. Check out our videos featuring commercials and those from students
and faculties.
If you are a first time visitor on the students’ forum, you will have to sign up first. To register
yourself, all you need to do fill this form. Once done, you can login every time you want to enter the
virtual world of Penn Foster from here.