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CELT-P Module 4 – Portfolio task template
Module 4 – Resources for learning in the primary classroom
Portfolio task – Plan, teach and evaluate a coursebook activity.
Task focus – Making more effective use of your coursebook; adapting materials for
Name of
Name of trainer
Part 1 – Before you teach the lesson
Provide details of the activity including the aim of the activity you adapted (for example, the
language or skills learners will practise) and details of your class.
Kids Box Unit 5 Fit and Well
PB46. ACTIVITY 1. Look, think and answer.
Teacher tells Ss to open their Ss’s Book at page 46. Focus them
on the pictures and elicit who / what they can see (Stella and
Simon with Aunt May at the doctor’s, a doctor’s bag, etc.).
Ask a Ss to read the activity instruction aloud and others
to take turns to read the four questions. Ss compare
their answers / predictions in pairs, looking for clues in the
Description of activity in
the coursebook
Ss will be able to understand and talk about common illnesses.
Key language: What’s the matter (with you)? I’m not very well,
ill, cold, cough, stomach-ache, headache, temperature,
toothache, back, shoulder.
Additional language: My head hurts, degrees
Revision: food, body parts, have got, must, Let’s …, a lot,
want, don’t (eat), Who …? hot, happy
Description of adapted
Reason for adapting this
Crossword with the same vocabulary.
Ss will be more focus on the vocabulary learned
Number of learners
Aim for learners
To be able to understand and talk about common illnesses.
Includes vocabulary, listening, reading, speaking.
Lesson Procedure – Write the stage aim for the adapted activity in the Aim: Why you are
doing this task column. (Does it involve vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, speaking or
writing? What outcome do you want for your learners? For example, Reading for gist: to help
learners get a general idea of the text.) Write the procedures you will follow at each stage
when you use the activity.
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Portfolio task template
Aim: Why you are
doing the task
To prepare learners
for the activity and
get them interested
in the topic
To help learners
understand the
Adapted activity
Implement a
speaking worksheet
about illnesses. It is
a worksheet for
working on my
groups' Spelling and
Writing skills. It
features the theme
of Health, going to
the doctor. It covers
useful vocab, It's
basically just a bit
of revision.
Procedure: What you and the learners will do
Ss stand up. Teacher will say Touch your ears. Ss
touch their ears. Give other instructions quickly
one after another to keep Ss moving. Include
head, eye, nose, mouth, foot / feet, tooth / teeth,
face, hair, hand, leg, arm.
Present the new body parts stomach, back,
shoulder by miming / pointing. Continue the game,
including the new words.
Teach / elicit the illnesses using the - flashcards
and mime if necessary. Show the cards and say
the words. Ss repeat.
Teach ill as the opposite of well. Use mime. How
are you? I’m very well, thank you. How are you?
I’m not very well. I’m ill.
Ss, complete the worksheet on groups by
checking vocabulary and spelling. They can use
their books in order to see the spelling of the
Interaction patterns – Tick () to show how learners will work at each stage.
Whole class
Pre-teach vocab
Adapted activity
Part 2 – After you have taught the lesson
Complete the self-evaluation and the checklist of evidence to submit.
When did you teach the lesson? Wednesday, February 3th, 2020
What went well?
In general, the class developed well and actively, Ss were
motivated, participated in class and tried to convey their
ideas despite not mastering the language. The attention
getter that I introduced worked perfectly. I think that
adding and adapting some activities from the coursebook
allowed the class to be more dynamic and attractive for
my learners.
What didn’t go well?
I notice that most of my students needed to develop their
reading skills, especially in reading comprehension.
During the class, they spent much more of the time
programmed in the detailed reading despite having
divided the text into sections and pre teaching
vocabulary, for this reason it was very difficult to follow
the planed times. However, I tried to be flexible with the
plan and support them more during the activity. I used
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gestures and read again the story for helping them to get
more details.
How can you improve the way
To improve the adaptation of the material I will consider
you adapt coursebook material
taking an original activity and adapted or add something
for future lessons?
to it so that it can be more motivating and more
communicative whilst still maintaining its aim. Sometimes,
I can keep the activity but just change the format.
Also, I could read the book How to Teach English by
Jeremy Harmer, which explains about some options and
reasons for coursebook use, how to adapt, add and
replace activities, and how to choose suitable
coursebooks for learners.
materials used
portfolio task
Part 3 – Evaluation criteria (Trainers complete this for the work submitted.)
The teacher has
/R/X Trainer comment
selected an activity from a coursebook to
adapt for a chosen class
planned appropriate tasks to adapt the activity
for this class
provided a realistic reason for adapting the
activity for this class
written an appropriate aim for learners and a
stage aim for the activity
planned appropriate procedures for the
different stages of the lesson using the activity
with the chosen class
planned appropriate interaction patterns for
the different lesson stages
recorded that the adapted activity was used
with the chosen class
considered, after using it, the benefits and
challenges of adapting the activity and using it
identified action points for adapting
coursebook activities in the future
submitted for evaluation: the coursebook
page, the adapted activity, additional
materials used and the portfolio task template
with all parts completed
selected an activity from a coursebook to
adapt for a chosen class
planned appropriate tasks to adapt the activity
for this class
provided a realistic reason for adapting the
activity for this class
completed the portfolio task on first
Portfolio task template
resubmitted the portfolio task
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