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Ideal home speaking part 2

Describe a house or apartment you want to live in.
You should say:
 What it would look like?
 Where it would be located?
 What facilities this would have?
and explain why you want to live there.
Sample Answer One
Home is where the heart is. We all have dreams and things we want from our lives. It’s
ok to be materialistic in life and there is no harm in having some luxuries. I was born
and raised up in a valley surrounded by hills so I’d like my dream house to be ideally
located somewhere in between the hills. The location of the house will be a semi urban
area as there are certain places in the hills that are secluded and there are no facilities
available for miles. I’d like my dream home to be located in Mussorie, a small hill station
resting on the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India.
The house will be a medium sized bungalow with two floors, a front and a back garden
and have all the modern day amenities. The building will be designed as such that all
the windows of the bungalow will overlook the Doon valley. The architecture will be of
Victorian era as it will give a very colonial look to the place. The ground floor will have a
big common room adjoining a modular kitchen and a bar which will have spirits from
different parts of the earth.
The climate is cold so all the windows of the bungalow will be double glazed to provide
insulation and protect us in the harsh cold weather. The upper floor will have a big
As I live in the city so I’ll use this house as a holiday home and to get away from the
hustle and bustle of the city. Located in nature’s lap it will be a perfect relaxation spot
and a perfect holiday. Once in my latter years of life I’d like to retire there and live a
calm and peaceful life in a serene environment.
Sample Answer Two
We all as humans dream fancy about our houses. So, there are some who want all the
luxuries in their house while some prefer living close to nature. I want my house to be a
mimic of nature. So, I want a small waterfall in my house wherein I can take bath and
then I want my house to have lot of flowers and be surrounded by trees. So, that in the
evening when I wish to sit down, I should feel calm and serene from inside.
Then I want my house to have a library as well. Library of the books that I have already
read, so it will be more like a collection of books that I love and could offer others to
read and in the library there will be my study table and in one corner will be the place
where I could look out of window and see the entire nature at its best and have some
thing to drink or relax. There will be part of my house, where I will allow anyone to come
in and sleep over and have food just for free. Because, I want people to travel and travel
with entire safety. With nothing to worry I want them to explore this beautiful world.
Also, in my house I wish to have a beautiful field wherein I could go for jogging or play
some games. I don’t wish for the most expensive house in the world but I wish for the
house that is the most special for me.
Sample Answer Three
Everyone has lot of dreams about their house. I too have. I wish my house to be a
duplex building with spacious rooms and corridors. It is very important for me to be able
to move freely and I wish to have ample space even after placing the furniture. The
house should be well ventilated and the view from outside the window should be of
something close to nature. I would love to have a balcony in my house with my bedroom
facing the south side from where I could smell the fragrance from the garden. At the
night times, I will place a chair on the balcony to enjoy the night views, especially the
moonlit nights.
Although I like natural places, but for my house I would like it to be in the middle. So,
somewhere where it is not very far from the city neither too close to the town. It should
have the feel of a city life with no troubles that it brings along with it, like lot of traffic and
noise pollution. Even more, the house should have all the modern amenities. It should
have a telephone connection with which I can connect with the entire world and then
there should be Internet.
Also, I need a garage wherein I can keep my car and the roof of the house should also
be large as I intend to plant some small plants on the rooftop garden. Even more, it is
very important to have good quality fittings,tiles and necessary elements in the kitchen
and bathrooms.
Ultimately, I want to live in a big house wherein I can have a feeling of a house and can
roam about freely because that is very important.