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Amr Mohamed Abdelsayed
Birth Date June 18 , 1988
Senior Engineer - Electrical / Instrumentation and Controls
Egyptian, Resident in Saudi Arabia
9+ years of experience during this period worked in various electrical fields as
(maintenance engineer, site engineer, technical office engineer, and testing &
commissioning) and a small period in a project closeout.
I have always been doing my best to acquire new skills, exchange experiences,
contribute and add value to the companies I worked with, build a good reputation and
achieve a lot of success in cooperation with my colleagues.
I have good experience in the health and safety field.
(+966) 54 312 8263 (Mobile)
(+20) 111 689 0195 (Mobile)
[email protected]
Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Menoufia University
Bachelor's degree, Field Of Study industrial electronic & automatic control Engineering
Grade Good (73.57 % )
2005 – 2010
Graduation Project
Liquid mixing and filling production line, Grade : Excellent
Senior I&C Engineer
Orascom Saudi Arabia
Jul 2017 – Present
King Abdelaziz International Airport (KAIA) Project
Jeddah, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia
The King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA) project is one of the General Authority of
Civil Aviation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (GACA) projects, It is one of the largest in
the world, and can handle 80,000 passengers at the same time, Saudi Binladin Group
(SBG) is the main contractor for the project and Dar Al Handassah is the construction
My Job Description :
lead the Engineering work, construction guidance, testing & commissioning, and
closeout of the PLC & BMS control systems for all facilities within ORASCOM scope
which can be summarized as the following :
● Three hundred PLC & BMS panels for various control systems for different facilities
according to the project specifications, user's requirement reports, and design drawings
as the following :
1.PLC (PM590-AC500) Panels from ABB for C220 - lifting, and transfer of greywater to all KAIA
facilities and C225 - Nine sewage pumping stations to transfer the sewage water to WTP.
2. PLC (Modicon M340 - Schneider) panel from Veolia for chlorine treatment building
3. PLC (S7 1500/1200 - Siemens) panels for C270 - chilled, grey, potable and fire water supplies
at Utility Tunnels.
4. PLC (Logix5672 - Memory Allen Bradley ) from Al Salem Group for E200 - lighting, ventilation,
and control of lifting pumps at Arterial Tunnel.
5. BMS (Johnson Controls) panels from Al Salem Group for HVAC systems.
6. BMS (DMS502B51) panels from Daikin for HVAC systems.
7. Liquid Leak Detection (PAL-AT) Panels from Perma Pipe.
● Two thousand and five hundred of field devices (AUMA actuators, CENTROK
actuators, Enders and Hauser - Rosemount - Dwyer - Danfoss - Siemens - Emerson Nivus - Tunnel sensors - Greystone )
● Five hundred Kilometers of control cables and raceway.
My Job Responsibilities :
1. Study and comply with project specifications, reports, and design drawings.
2. Submit RFI (Requests For Information) for design contradiction to the consultant.
3. Support the tender team to issue the BOQ items for the PLC and BMS systems.
Professional References
Adel Abdelrahman
Mechanical T.O Manger
Orascom Saudi Arabia
[email protected]
Botros Mourad
Electrical T&C Manger
Orascom Saudi Arabia
[email protected]
Ramy Gamal
Technical Office Manger
Orascom Saudi Arabia
[email protected]
Ashraf Sabry
Project Manger
Orascom Saudi Arabia
[email protected]
Jamil Maaliki
Technical Office Manger
Saudi Binladin Group
[email protected]
George Philip
Consultant I&C Site Engineer
Dar Al Handasah
[email protected]
4. Submit material-technical submissions for PLC / BMS systems, field devices, and
electrical control cables and ensure that the vendors comply with project specifications to
the construction manager for approval.
5. Submit engineering technical submissions for PLC / BMS systems according to the
project specifications, user's requirement reports, and design drawings.
A. Coordinate the field devices connected with the PLC / BMS system.
B. Coordinate and ensure communication with high-level control (SCADA / I2BS) via an open
protocol as per project specification (Modbus TCP / IP - Bacnet / IP - OPC. and prepare the ICD
(interface control document) for each system.
6. Submit revised material and engineering technical submissions after complying with
received comments with reference to specs
7. Prepare a FAT test procedure for approved PLC/BMS Panels, conduct the FAT with
the project consultant at the factory, and rectify the agreed comments with the supplier
before shipping the panels to the site.
8. Prepare shop drawings for PLC / BMS as per applicable standards and codes.
a. Control cable cutting lists drawing.
b.Control cables raceway and filling ratio drawing.
c.Hook-up detail drawings showing the installation of (level, pressure, flow, Temp ) as
per manual installation guides.
9. Quantity Survey for the required materials as per the approved material submittals
and shop drawings and rise the purchase orders to the procurement department to
proceed with site work.
10. Submit commissioning method statement for PLC/BMS system and do the required
test accordingly, The consultant must witness this test and get a pass certificate.
11. Follow up the progress of work and issue monthly payments to the main contractor
for the executed items that were approved by the project consultant.
Logan kath
Consultant I&C Lead Site Engineers
Dar Al Handasah
[email protected]
Charbel Antonios
Consultant Senior I&C Engineer
Dar Al Handasah
[email protected]
Senior Electrical Site Engineer
Orascom Saudi Arabia
June 2016 till June 2017 ●1 yr.
ALSAFWA Cement Plant Line 2 Project
140 km north of Jeddah, Al Madinah Road , Saudi Arabia
Al Safwa Cement Plant Line 2 Project is owned by Lafarge Holcim / Al Safwa Cement
Company in Saudi Arabia and project consultants is POLYSIUS.
I worked at this project as Senior site Engineer - Electrical and I&C at following areas (
Homosilo , kiln dust hopper, Preheater , kiln , Cooler and crusher).
My Job Responsibilities :
1. Conduct morning toolbox for all involved workers to explain the method of work and
risk analysis and job safety training and definite the needed tools to ensure a safe and
healthy work atmosphere.
2. Study project specifications and installation details and drawings for electrical
work/instrumentation clearly and precisely.
3. Material requests as per drawing for planed site work and transfer materials to the
work area.
4. Direct and assist technically Electrical Superintendents and crafts
6. Supervise Electrical Panels Erection ( Medium voltage switchgear – MCC – various
control panels).
7. Installation work for (level, pressure, flow, gas analyzer, vibration, vibration – flame
detector sensors and ensure that all instrumentation erected according to P&ID drawing
and hock up and guide manuals.
8. Supervise Electrical cables raceway tray installation and prepare inspection requests
for consultant approval and clear punch list if any before pulling cables.
9. Coordinate with Design Engineers to solve drawing as per site condition
10. Supervise cables pulling activity and ensure that cable source and destination and
cable size and specs are as per design.
11. Supervise cables connection activity and ensure that cable connected as per wiring
diagram and conduct continuity and meger test for all connected cables.
12. Ensure quality and compliance with project specifications and codes.
13. Prepare a report for the commissioning team with all ready items.
Professional References
Gamal Abdelhamid
Electrical Construction Manger
Orascom Saudi Arabia
[email protected]
Omar Hamza
ThyssenKrupp Industrial
Solutions France.
[email protected]
Taliana Christian
Elec Manger,ThyssenKrupp
Industrial Solutions France.
[email protected]
Francois Poulain
Deputy Site Manager,
ThyssenKrupp Industrial
Solutions France.
Mobile : (33.6).
[email protected]
Erik Frahm
ThyssenKrupp Industrial
[email protected]
Senior Electrical Site Engineer
Orascom Construction
February 2015 till June 2016 ●1 yr. 5 mos.
Assiut Combined Cycle 1500 MW Power Plant Project
Assiut , Egypt.
Assiut Combined Cycle 1500 MW Power Plant Project is Eight 125 M Watt GE Gas
turbine model 9E, Two 250 MW GE steam turbine and Eight HRSC Owned By UEEPC
in Egypt and project consultants is GE / PGESCO.
My Job Responsibilities :
1. supervise turbine electrical fitting works ( Electrical skids and Panels Fixing PEECC
–cable tray and cable support – conduits and lighting Fixtures fixing - fire alarm )
2. supervise erection for for each turbine (pressure transmitters – flow transmitters –
temperature sensors– speed – vibration – flame detectors – limits switches – Pressure &
temperature indicators) according to P&ID drawing and hock up and guide manuals.
3. Supervise cables pulling activity and ensure that cable source and destination and
cable size and specs is as per design.
4. Supervise cables connection activity and ensure that cable connected as per wiring
diagram and conduct continuity and megar test for all connected cables.
5. Supervise all electrical activity at medium & low voltage switch gear room
electrical fitting works for ( medium, power and control cables tray – lighting &sockets
system - fire system – telephone & paging system - Electricals Panels Fixing ) ,pulling
cables work , Medium & Power & control cables testing and connecting
6. Supervise and coordinate Interface control signals among substation & GIS control
and turbine.
7. Responsible for all electrical activity at two FOTP Fuel Oil Treatment Plant supplied by
(NEC SRL) such as electrical fitting works for all electrical system (Electricals skids and
Panels Fixing –cable tray- lighting system - fire alarm - I & C ) ,pulling cables works
,cables testing and connecting.
8. Clear Electrical and I & C Punch list with client.
Professional References
Gamal Abdelhamid
Electrical Construction Manger
Orascom Construction
[email protected]
Fady Magdy
Project Engineering Manager
Orascom Construction
[email protected]
Ahmed Elfayed
Site Manger
Orascom Construction
[email protected]
Haytham Hazzaa
Lead Field Engineer
GE Energy-Power & Water
[email protected]
Valerio Martelli
NEC Service s.r.l
[email protected]
Maintenance & Project Electrical Engineer
Sigma TEC for Pharmaceutical Industries Company
August 2011 till February 2015 ● 3 yrs. 7 mos.
6 October City , Egypt.
My Job Responsibilities :
I. Maintenance engineer
1. Contribute designing maintenance strategies, procedures and methods for below
A. Electrical distribution system Maintenance ( MVSG , MDC , HVAC MCC, LCP ,
Lighting DB ,transformers and generators).
B. Pharmaceutical production machines ( for 6 production filing and tablet lines ).
C. Utility equipment Operation and Maintenance (boilers, air compressor and Nitrogen
generators ).
D. Distilled water plant
E. HVAC BMS System ( Workstation and all instrumentation and control device with
vendor technical support Johnson control and sauter controls )
F. HVAC System ( AHUs , Centrifugal Pumps, Absorption Chillers, Clean Rooms (
sterile & non sterile areas and pressure balance and Cooling Towers ).
2. Carrying out routine scheduled maintenance work and responding to equipment faults.
3. Diagnosing breakdown problems
4. Fitting new parts and making sure equipment is working correctly.
5. Monitor spare part list and prepare the purchase orders to ensure spare parts stay
available in store.
II. Project engineer
Review electrical design drawing and supervise the implementation of ampules filling
new production line ( lighting & sockets system – fire alarm system – cable race way –
pulling ,testing and interconnecting cables and commissioning and start up with
Marchesini Italian group ampules filling machine vendor.
Professional References
Mohamed Abdel Salam
Electrical & Projects Manager
Sigma TEC Company
[email protected]
Junior Electrical Site Engineer
Hassan Allam Sons Construction Co.
August 2010 till August 2011 ● 1 yrs. 1 mos.
Mall Of Arabia Project
6 October City, Egypt.
Mall Of Arabia Project is owned by Fawaz Al Hokair Group and project Consultant is
Engineering Consultants Group
My responsibilities was the following:
• Supervisory of Electrical Installations for Panel Boards , Cables Lighting & Sockets
Outlets. And Light Current Systems ( Fire Alarm , Telephone , Sound And CCTV )
Professional References
Sameh El Abed
Electrical Construction Manger
Hassan Allam Construction Co.
[email protected]
Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate
Feb 2014 – Mar 2014
Sigmatec Pharmaceutical industries
SCADA Siemens Win CC
Nov 2012 – Dec 2013
Don Bosco Technical Institute
Siemens - Win CC Flexible
Aug 2012 – Nov 2012
Don Bosco Technical Institute
HVAC Install, maintenance &Operation
Sep 2012 – Sep 2012 License 7362
GTSC Egypt
PLC - Siemens S7-300
Mar 2012 – May 2012
Don Bosco Technical Institute
PLC - Siemens S7-200
Nov 2011 – Jan 2012
Don Bosco Technical Institute
CNC & hydraulic and pneumatic control
Jan 2010 – Mar 2011
Electrical Power Distribution
Jan 2011 – Feb 2011
Certification name AutoCAD & Dailux
Nov 2010 – Nov 2010
Control By Contactor
Jun 2009 – Sep 2009
Don Bosco Technical Institute
Mar 2009 – Apr 2009
Faculty of Electronic Engineering
Feb 2008 – Feb 2008
IT Skills
I Have Good knowledge in Computer Hardware maintenance.
I Have Good knowledge in using AutoCAD.
I Have Good knowledge in using Windows application
I Have Good knowledge in using Microsoft outlock ,Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
I Have Good knowledge in Internet search.
• Arabic (native)& English (Good).