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Project Close out

Today’s Agenda: Chapter 17
Project Close-Out
• Physical Close-out (C-O)
• C-O is just as important as start-up
• Client and designer satisfaction is paramount
• Close-out of documentation
• Close-out is defined in the contract
• Can take up to a year, which delays receipt of
• Commissioning Spec Section?
• Test and re-test
• Simulate all four seasons, design days
• Focus on MEP
• Commissioning Agent:
• Mechanical sub, or
• Client in-house, or
• 3rd Party
• Cost can be up to 1% of construction
Construction Close-out
What Items are Included in Physical Close-out?
• Punch list
• Startup and Balance
• Commissioning
• Owner Training
• Certificate of Substantial Completion
• Certificate of Occupancy
• Demobilization
Punch list Process
• Author? Participants?
• How Many Punch lists?
• Is the item a Punch list VS Change order VS
Maintenance VS Incomplete?
• Owner: GC to Pre-Punch
• Owner: Punch, but not too soon
• Active QC: Early Punch lists
• Box 17.1
Box 17.1
Certificate of Substantial Completion
Read your Contract
Architect’s Paper
AIA G704, or Consensus, see text website
Ends LD’s, Starts Warranty
Attach Punch list (how long of PL?)
Tied to Final Pay Request
Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)
City’s Paper, Box 17.2
Elevator Inspector is paramount
Fire Marshall is paramount
Partial or Interim or Temporary C of O
Bond for uncompleted work: Ex: ___
Box 17.2
Occupancy Strategies
Joint Occupancy: Read your Contract
Utility Bills by?
Warranty VS Maintenance VS Punch list
Clean-up by? Dumpsters by?
Are Owner’s Contractors Union?
Demobilization Activities:
• Opposite of Mobilization
• Did you estimate for either?
• Remove Fence, Trailer, Temp Power, Sanikan, Clean Streets,
Repair Sidewalks,
And: ___
• Files into storage
Contract Close-Out
Check the specs for requirements
PM should take the lead
As-Built Drawings: Red-Line or CAD?
Operation and Maintenance Manuals (O&M)
Warranties: One year, or more, or extended?
Box 17.3
• (Final) Test Reports, including Balancing
Contract Close-Out, continued
• Extra Materials (Locked-Up) % = __
Used for Change Orders? Punch List?
• Permits (Signed-Off)
• Close-Out Log, W7.1, Start = __
Submit this early as an early submittal for
Similar to submitting a Submittal Log or SOV for
Worksheet 17.1
LEED Close-out
• Usually the LEED engineer or the PE, not necessarily the
• Gather all paperwork associated with LEED compliance
regarding materials used and recycling, et al
• Owner adds their paper, along with input from the
• Owner may have a LEED consultant who completes the
LEED scorecard
• Owner applies for LEED certificate and pays the fee
• See also MOCP CH 5
PM Motivation for a
Timely Close-out
• Ends LDs
• End sub claims
• Begin warranty
• Happy client
• Minimize general condition costs
• Submit and receive final pay request
• Pay-off subs, happy subs
• Receive retention ~ Fee!
Financial Close-out Items
All WRT Owner-GC and GC-Subs and Suppliers:
• Final Change Orders
• Final Subcontractor Modifications
• Final Pay Request
• Final and “Unconditional” Lien Releases:
• GC and Subs, Prior CH 6 Example
• Final Cost Accounting (Open Book) Audit
• Union Affidavits
• Final Retention Release
Project Manager’s Close-out
• As-built Estimate:
Actual $ or Hours/Actual Qtys = Actual UPs
• As-built Schedule
• Final Fee Forecast
• Owner Report Card/Incentive Fee
• Input on Quality of Subs and Suppliers
• PM Lessons Learned
Warranty Management
• Warranty usually for one year
• Some subs (roof, elevator, glass) longer
• Example sub warranty, Box 17.3
• Extended Warranty Agreement or Service Contracts
• Warranty Service Requests, Box F17.4
• Warranty Response as Customer Service
• On-site presence is 90% of the next job opportunity
• Maintenance or Warranty Bond, Prior CH 2 Ex.
Recommended Extended Warranties and
Maintenance Agreements, with:
Process and Kitchen Equipment
MEP Systems, Filters
Fire Protection
Low Voltage Systems: Security, Controls
Others: __
Chapter 17, Project Close-Out, Summary
• Construction and Document elements to C-O
• PM and Superintendent roles
• Good C-O = Happy Client (and designer)
• Commissioning: by whom at what cost?
• Punch lists
• Certificate of Substantial Completion
• Certificate of Occupancy
Close-Out, Summary, continued
• Owner Occupancy and GC De-Mob
• Contractual Close-out
• Activities: ___
• Financial Close-out
• PM Close-out
• Activities: ___
• Warranty Management
• Review Questions: __