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Considering diversity is paramount for supporting those who feel displaced by their
background and upbringing. Diversity appears in forms such as economic status, culture,
religion, age, sexual orientation, transgender association, disability challenges, ethnicity, and
more. For people of varied backgrounds and perspectives to work effectively several
characteristics are key: respect and kindness towards all, curiosity and being open to fresh ideas,
and a willingness to be flexible. Characteristics are becoming less of a barrier because our
society is evolving with support to integrate human differences.
Triumphing accomplishments in minority categories during my life displays why
diversity can overcome sensitive issues. Starting with my adoption as a Russian twin growing up
in American culture taught me gratitude for people from other nations. My high school, La
Lumiere, included international boarding students where I first saw the empowerment of quality
learning by integrating different cultures. I took 3.5 years of Spanish courses in high school
because I knew I wanted to be a part of the diverse community in warm Southern California.
My participation with males on the baseball field has strengthened my pursuit to advocate
for gender equality. Baseball coaches invited me to travel to represent the US in Japan and
Canada, not just for my athleticism, but also because of my enthusiasm to be a role model as a
team player. Even my nontraditional work experience in the construction field has proved my
beliefs that size, and gender are not setbacks because diligence will overcome conceptual
barriers. For six years in California, I have been on my own living at the poverty level per US
Census standards. Collaborating with people sharing diverse backgrounds taught me new
perspectives and better enabled me to support diversity within my workplace, sports, personal
relationships, and school community.