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Experiment IV

Sarah Kovach
October 31, 2018
Experiment IV
In this experiment I used titrated different types of solutions to find the molarity,
deviations, and percent of carbonate. In part II I found the volume of base to acid ratio and
ended up with an average relative deviation of 8.53ppt. In Part III I used the mass of Oxalic acid
and used the values calculated from titration to determine an average relative deviation of
8.14ppt.In part V I used the mass of an unknown solid acid to determine the average relative
deviation of 11.70ppt. In part VI I used the unknown salt to determine the percent carbonate
that was used, which I found to be 4.4 %.
Error could easily occur by going past the end point in the titrations used. I believe most
of my experiments were off because of this reason. There can also be error by misreading the
burette and even the weight of the mass on the scale.
When calculating the molarity, it is very important to have results that are similar to
have a close deviation. When the deviation is very different from the others then the average
relative deviation will be too large compared to the mean value resulting in an out of the range
answer for this experiment.