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disscussion 2 CINEMA 107

In Double Indemnity, the theme of deception occurrs when Walter Neff and Phyllis Dietrichson
plan a scheme to trick Mr. Dietrichson into signing the “accident insurance.” The theme an
impact of the rich condition on poor condition is revealed in Mrs. and Mr. Dietrichson
household. The ending scene of this movie proved she wants all the money for herself as she
held the gun in her hand.
In Sunset
Boulevard, the theme of deception is seen by Max von Mayerling keeping Norma Desmond's
ego as a Hollywood star. He would not let her know how her reputation has changed because
she kept thinking she was receiving fan mail. Billy Wilder used the theme of how young
condition impacts on the old age with Norma using the young and handsome Joe Gillis for her
confidence as an attractive lady. Her perception was damaged, and she became very
disillusioned to believe the studio wanted to use her fancy car and not her acting skills, fame,
and appearance.
In Some Like It Hot, the theme of deception is seen in a scene with Joe pretending to Sugar
Kane on an ocean beach to be a millionaire’s son in the Shell Oil Company when he is poor. The
theme of the impact of the male condition on the female condition showed the two men Joe
and Jerry dressed up as credible females to get out-of-town fast by participating in a lady
orchestra. Billy Wilder used the two themes through characters choice by use of deception and
condition to result in startling consequences in the movies.