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Intro to Moles worksheet

Chemical Quantities Worksheet #1
Fill in the definition for each of the following terms and give an exact number where possible
Avogadro’s Number
Molar Mass
Skill Building
Use the conversions diagram to complete the following relationships:
1. Amount of element in moles x molar mass of element = __________________________
2. Mass of element in grams x Avogadro’s number ÷ molar mass of the element
3. Number of atoms of an element ÷ Avogadro’s number = _________________________
Multiple Choice
4. The average atomic mass of an element as listed on the periodic table depends on ____.
a. Avogadro’s number
b. the mass and abundance of each isotope
c. whether an isotope of an element is artificial or occurs naturally
d. The amount of an element in a particular sample
5. The molar mass of an element is __________.
a. the mass of the nucleus of an element
b. the number of protons an atom of an element has
c. the amount of atoms in 12 g of carbon-12
d. the mass of one mol of atoms of an element
Calculate the following. Show your work.
6. What is the mass in grams of 2.850 mol of the element iodine?
7. A sample contains 23.8 g of lead. How many moles of lead does the sample contain?
8. How many moles of barium is 3.2 x 1023 atoms of barium?
9. How many moles of silver are in 128 g of silver?