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NguyenMinhTan askandanswer 11.9.2018

1. It is better to know a little about many subjects than to know a lot about one subject. To what
extent do you agree or disagree?
Well, My personally think it depends on learner. If you are beginner, I recken that you should
learn little about variety of subjects to earn background knowledge about sides and choose one
which appropriate with you and focus on a subject deeper and higher last to get archivement.
So, I am strongly degree with this sentence if you can choose a specific major.
2. What role does education play in improving personal life?
Let me see…Ok, The first thing is education improves right experiment and knowledge which
makes people more mature, intelligent. So, they can protect themselves or their relationships
and get a occupation for example. More over, knowledge makes them have confident and
morbidity to faced to problems. They can solve it with the suitable way. The last thing is it create
a ecosystem which support people have relationships and networkings. To summary, It brings
full of benefits for human.
3. What role does education play in the development of countries?
In my mind, Education is a measure of the development of a nation. It likes a circle of
development. Let’s imagine, if education is develope, there will have a huge number of talented
person. So, they create value for social and make country is developed as well. And the country
should invests for education to make a new circle. Last but not least, Education will be give a
bad effect to social if it is not perfect. To summary, Education plays important role directly to
4. In your opinion, why do people choose to become teachers?
I believe that the major reason is their passion with job. They loves to teach and share their
knowledge for others and believe that is make their live more meaning. More over, They need
to help student on their study, especially the poor or disabilities can learn as a normal people or
as their needs. The other reason support my view is they want to improve education more
creative and professional to make country more develop and morden.
5. What kind of person makes a good teacher?
Firstly, Teacher must have a perfect skill and full of knowledge in specific subject and only teach
what they curtained right. Secondly, They are helpful with student, support them on study and
helps them solve their problem even outside. Thirdly, they should friendly and empathetic to
keep a good relationship with everyone, it can break space between teachers and listeners.
Lastly, They should enthusiastic and conscientious with all things to create a model for students
to follow.
6. What makes a good university?
The dream university is the comfortable environment place. It has friendly environment where
have not have racial discrimination, school violence and so on. It have a competitive
environment in learning, They can actively learn anything they want. It has full of infrastructure
and tools to support learners. Benears, There have teachers have perfect skills and full of
knowledge who is helpful and always ready to support learners. And in there have sport places
to improve their health after school through exercise lessons. To summary, It is perfect
environment to develop both physically and mentally.
7. In your view, how can educational quality be measured?
From my point of view, We should randomly pick up a specific number of students and teachers
to test and evaluate once a year. And we use that results to compare with other countries and
compare with previous year of itselfs. The second way is compare study document with
developed country for edit to update and complete the best lecture.
8. Do you think young university students should postpone marrying until they graduate?
Obsolutely yes, They should focus on their learning. If they married or even give a bird,
their attention will change cho baby and family. They don’t have time to explore new
knowledge or develop themselves. Their oppotunies to get high score and get a good
occupation may be loose. Unluckyly, some pair realize that they didn’t match together
after married because they not enough mature to think about their live and divorce. In
conclusion, that identify have full of disadvantage.