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CoverLetter11 2019

Kristin Mikulski
4109 S Church St. Apt 2
Whitehall, PA 18052
[email protected]
Dear Hiring personnel,
I offer 14 years of seasoned and responsible experience in MRI Imaging . My prior
experiences helped me to develop essential skills to execute quality care . Patient
care , being of the uppermost importance . I provide professional, technological ,
personable and empathetic care to patients and all around me . I work well with
others as a team or independently. I possess strong interpersonal skills and am
able to provide answers and directions to inquires of cowowrkers , patient or
families, Prioritization organization efficiency and cost consciousness are but a few
assets that I can bring to your organization . Critical and analytical thinking ,
always thinking of ways to improve.My previous experience at Lehigh Valley
Hospital gave me experiences with meetings with the vice president ,head
radiologist, and many other hospital heads , working on employee morale and
projects to cut cost with producing the same quality outcome. Here are some of my
professional highlights.
My enclosed resume outlines my work experience and skills. I look forward to
taking the next step with your company.
I appreciate your consideration
Kristin Mikulski