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safety review with video

Science Teacher
Week of 09/22/14 – 09/26/14
DATE: 09/23/14
SUBJECT: Science
 The learner will review the names of common tools used in the science lab
and the usage of equipment by participating in a station activity and by
watching a video on safety.
 The learner will understand how to read and measure volume using graduated
cylinder by participating in lab station.
MATERIALS: Safety equipment sheet, various lab tools, flash cards on tools,
promethean board, ipads.
DO NOW: The whole class will watch a video on how to be safe in science lab followed
by video questions.
 Students will then complete the station activity.
Station 1: find the partner activity.
1. Students with tools and their usage flash card will find each other and
match their answers. Teacher will confirm the correct response.
Station 2: Name that tool
2. Using the promethean board , students will match the tool with its name.
Station 3: Quiz let
1. Students will review tools and their usage by reading flashcards and then
taking the quiz at quiz let.
Station 4: Measuring Volume ( Two stations)
2. Students will participate in a lab activity where they will measure volume
accurately and get it checked with their partner.
CLOSURE: exit ticket: name 5 lab tools.
ASSIGNMENT: study for test.
ASSESSMENT: Do now, Discussions, Q & A, observing students.
N.J.C.C.S: 5.1.8 C (1,2)