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Confined Space Entry
The hands-on simulation-based training prepares workers for entry into
confined spaces and containers. Participants acquire all knowledge
required to perform CSE work safely and efficiently. Special attention is
given to gas measurement, personal protective equipment,
and emergency procedures.
Basic Information
Learning objectives
This training course covers the control of and entry into confined spaces, for personnel required to enter a
confined space in the workplace.
By completing this course it is expected that the attendees will have the necessary knowledge to enable
repeated safe exposure to such work activities fully understanding "working in confined spaces".
Upon successful completion candidates will be able to:
– Assess a confined space for entry
– Safely use equipment and personal protective equipment
– Work in accordance with confined space requirements
– Conclude confined space operations in accordance with procedures
Course content
– Legislation and definitions
– Case studies of unsafe confined space entry
– Gas awareness and atmospheric monitoring
– Permits to work and other entry procedures
– Risk assessments and hazard control
– Isolation and basics in tag out methods
– Roles and responsibilities of key personnel
– Introduction to emergency procedures
– Awareness of applicable PPE (breathing apparatus, gas detectors, chemical protective suits and spill
02 | Confined Space Entry
Basic Information
control equipment)
– Safely enter a confined space
– Written and practical assessment
Provided by Dräger Academy
The Dräger Academy has been imparting well-founded and practice-based knowledge for over 40 years. With
more than 110 authorised trainers and over 600 various thematic modules we are able to realize over 2,400
training courses per year. We look forward to welcoming you in person at the Dräger Academy—in our training
centres around the world or at your site!
Commitment to quality
Our train the trainer concept ensures that the knowledge and the competency of our trainers are maintained
at a consistently high level around the world. This means that international service companies with a global
presence can rely on the fact that the Dräger training sessions provide the same level of knowledge to their
employees at any location—around the world.
Blended learning—as flexible as possible
The content is presented in an application-based and varied manner. We combine conventional “classroom”
training with practical exercises, realistic simulations and web-based online elements—a “blended learning”
approach to enhance the learning experience and establish competency.
Target group
Learning method
No. of attendees
Personnel that are required to enter a confined space
in the workplace.
Certification is valid for two years
Classroom and practical exercises or web-based
1 day
8-12 (depending on training facility)
In one of the Dräger Training Centres or directly onsite
Confined Space Entry | 03
Certified knowledge
ISO 9001
The Dräger Academy uses the ISO 9001 quality management system.
Related Trainings
Confined Space Entry Rescue
When incidents occur in confined spaces, specialised knowledge is
needed. Our realistic CSE rescue training combines concise knowledge
with lots of practical exercises. The participants learn to perform
CSE operations safely, make the right decisions in emergencies, and
intervene with competence.
Leg Entry
Special operations demand special skills: our training gets workers
ready for confined space entry operations in the legs of offshore
platforms. It imparts the rules, safety precautions and rescue measures
that apply in emergencies.
04 | Confined Space Entry
Related Trainings
Authorised Gas Tester Level 1
The two-day course is designed to equip the participants with
comprehensive knowledge and the practical skills necessary for
clearance measurements before confined space entry operations.
It covers the characteristics of ox-, tox- and ex-hazards.
Basic H2S Training
This H2S Training gives an overview about the emergency response
competency requirements for personnel working in potential
H2S environments. It covers the characteristics and the potential
physiological effects of H2S exposure as well as the use of detection
equipment and compressed air devices.
H2S Plus Training
The intensive hands-on training imparts substantiated knowledge
about one of the most dangerous substances. Participants will learn
everything about Hydrogen Sulphide—from its properties and maximum
allowable concentrations to measurement strategies, protective
equipment and rescue measures.
Confined Space Entry | 05
06 | Confined Space Entry
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