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Nahum Gabinet - resume
Personal information
Born in Israel, 4 January 1977
Home address: Itzhak Shade 26 Nahariya
Phone: 052-9217416
Email: ngngn1977@gmail.com
 Has quick grasp, research and learning skills, creative, curious and interested
in many fields
 High analytical ability with emphasis on planning, analysis and response to
developing situations
 Ability to work in team and independently
 22 years of management experience that includes dealing with challenges
and commanding large numbers of soldiers and commanders.
 Ability to work under pressure and in short schedule.
 vast knowledge over a variety of ERP software, project management and
drawing software
Education experience:
 As of 2018 Haifa University
2002-2004 Bar-Ilan University
1995-1997 Ort Singalowski College
1991-1995 Ort Singalowski High School
MA in Natural Resources and
Environmental Management
BA in Logistics and Economic
Practical Engineer in Automation and
Control (Mechatronics)
Course of learning Automation and
Control (Mechatronics)
Military Service (Main Positions):
As of 2017 Head of the Navy supply section (Major) - headquarters
2014-2017 Logistics Commander - field position
2012-2014 Naval Shipyard Operation's Officer - field position
2007-2012 Naval Haifa Base Logistics Officer - field position
2004-2005 Naval Ashdod Base Logistics officer - field position
1997-1998 Fighter in a Corvette Class Missile Ship - INS Eilat
Occupations included, among others:
 Environmental management of Eilat’s Naval Base. A highly sensitive subject in
an area which its entire marine is designated "Nature Reserve"
 Dealing with the tension between the "civilian world" and contractors against
the rigidity of the military system
 Large budget management (over NIS 150 million per year)
 Professional workforce development and work processes
 Multi arms (units) interfaces
 Leading projects with emphasis on the developing needs of the Navy
Computers and Software:
Full control of OFFICE, PROJECT and TAILOR-MADE logistics management software. I
had an active role with the navy SAP rise in 2000 and the system design and
developments over the years. Control and understanding of AutoCAD software and
basic HTML programming experience for website building.
Hebrew - mother tongue
English - advanced
Spanish – good
Volunteering activities:
starting from 2018, a member of an environmental thinking group sponsored
by the Nahariya Municipality and a social activist in the field
2014-2017 Adopting and integrating "Gdolim Bemadim" population (people
with disabilities) into departments that were under my command and weekly
volunteering at the “Mashav” 60+ club in Eilat as part of community
assistance and support
2010-2012 study assistance and support for at-risk children in Haifa,
Additional skills:
In my spare time, i run and compete in marathons and ultramarathons. In my
perspective one should have - "healthy mind in a healthy body". An amateur
carpenter with practical work skills in a wide range of construction and creative
fields. Love the soil work and its growths.
The understanding that the planet carrying capacity is limited and the ecological
balance is disrupted obligate a shift in policy and perception. Humankinds are bound
to take responsibility for past wrongs in order to secure future generations. I think
that the environmental research is important and vital and feel that I can contribute
a lot to the collective knowledge and in particularly to the field of research.
Therefore, I intend to develop in this area with my upcoming retirement from the
IDF and continue to explore the topic within the PhD program.