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What is Employee Health Issues

What is Employee Health Issues?
Anti-Fatigue Mat is a product that provides relief for workers who stand on their feet for long
periods of time. People who have jobs involving prolonged standing are at high risk of back injuries
and pain. To protect workers and relieve fatigue and pain of the quality businesses use ergonomic
products like Anti-Fatigue Mat.
The pain and fatigue resulting from the rule in the same position for a long period of time can cause
stress on back muscles. Symptoms associated with prolonged standing on hard surface
flooring include discomfort in the back, neck and shoulders and back with it later pain in the hands
and wrists
Back pain and injury increasingly extract toll on employers and employees. Complaints of back pain
and injuries are the most common and costly complaint industrial and one of the most
difficult to musculoskeletal injuries to resolve.
Back pain interferes with the ability of employees to perform their daily task. In addition, a worker in
pain exhibits negative personality traits to customers and other workers. By creating an ergonomic
solution, using the Anti-Fatigue Mat, workers can complete their day in comfort.
Anti-Fatigue Mat is an ergonomically correct soil that reduces stress and fatigue of the workers who
must stand for inordinate amount of time. This may be harmed if they are not standing correctly or
too much stress on their backs and for more help Employee health and wellness
Various researches have proved that the most common reason to apply leave is health issues. Staff
often have to take off from work due to back pain, headache, fever, and other stress related illness
which ultimately increase the load of pending work for employers as well as the employees.
Moreover, they have to work for extra hours to complete their tasks and projects according to the
schedule. This overtiming can again adversely influence their physical and mental health. Therefore,
health programs keep the workers fit and fine and make them aware of what they can do at their
office to keep themselves in good shape. This will naturally reduce the number of leaves and
increase the productivity too.
Isn't it a win-win situation if both the parties, i.e., employer and employees are happy and have a
positive attitude towards each other? This can be achieved by focusing on making your company
employee-centric and giving their well-being and fitness required consideration. This will also ensure
high retention percentage because people will be satisfied with the environment and attention that
they are getting. As a result, they will respond in a positive way by performing honestly and giving
their best to the job.
Sitting on one chair for 8-10 hours a day can be dangerous for anyone's health, and employees are
no exception to it. It has been studied that inactiveness is deadlier and costlier than smoking. When
you conduct several interesting activities in the office, it requires them to move and do some
physical task. This keeps them active and they get healthier. This not only affect their physical health
but their mental health too by giving them sufficient break from the monotonous job. Motivate
them to exercise at least half an hour a day to keep the risk of certain chronic diseases low and their
weight balanced.